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Athar dewidar, Egypt
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4 days ago
Jan 13, 2018 23:37
In Thread: GBP
Forex and gbpusd trading signals free after touching the bullish trend line and completing the Zigzag correction pattern
Published: Thursday, 11 January 2018 13:05
FOREX SIGNALS / Recommendations Today:
Gold pattern the Best Free Forex trading signals provider offers buy sterling dollars gbp usd forex trading signals for free
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gbpusd Technical Analysis and GBPUSD forecast :
GBPUSD Forecast and Free gbpusd trading signals free from Gold Pattern
Based on the analysis of the technical currencies and the analysis of the pound sterling
against the US dollar shows us clearly that
The GBPUSD ended with the formation of the zigzag pattern known as the measured move
or AB = CD pattern and the form is finished
The two waves of the first wave are a decline from the level of 1.3600 to the level of 1.3490
And the second wave, which coincided with the first wave in length, began to decline
the price of the pound dollar from the level of 1.580 to the level of 1.3460
After the end of the bearish correction pattern, it is preferable to buy the GBP usd
The GBPUSD is testing the bullish trend line for the third time near the current 1.3460 levels
Summary of currency analysis and GBP / USD recommendations
Prefer to buy a pair sterling today
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Gold Signals And gold technical analysis
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GBPUSD SIGNALS gbp usd analysis gbp usd forecast

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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12 days ago
Jan 6, 2018 14:51
GBP USD trading signals free and ride wave C
Published: Thursday, 04 January 2018 14:45
Currency Recommendations and the Pound Sterling Recommendation from Gold Pattern the best free forex
GBP USD trading signals provider and trading signals is live and market excution order
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Today's currency analysis and GBP / USD technical analysis indicates the completion of five upside waves
over the medium term Which started from the 1.3030 level of about two months
And ended near the 1.3600 level and we notice that the third wave is extended
and that the first wave is equal to the fifth wave
The pair dropped from $ 1.3600
To form wave A of the expected correction and the pair has made a corrective correction of about 50% of Fibonacci ratios
And the technical analysis indicates that the pair's bearish trend may resume in the near term to form wave C
According to the strategy of trading the zigzag pattern prefer to sell and ride the last wave C of the correction
And the price target in this case, as wave C will be EQUAL wave A
The target price is 1.3440
Summary of today's analysis of the GBPUSD technical analysis, currency recommendations and the GBPUSD recommendation
Preferably selling sterling as long as the pair is below 1.3600 targeting 1.3440
This is why Gold Pattern offers a recommendation to sell the free GBP usd signals on the mobile, e-mail,
and Gold Pattern website

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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16 days ago
Jan 1, 2018 20:17

EUR USD technical analysis and zigzag pattern
Published: Saturday, 30 December 2017 14:30
The EURUSD price formed a strong bullish wave, which came in from about two months and the 1.1550 level
was the beginning of the upside wave Which continued until the level of 1.2020
This rise is considered to be the ZIGZAG pattern ABC and wave A is the rise from 1.1550 to 1.1860
And wave c is the next bullish wave from 1.1710 to 1.2020 which is equal in length with wave A

This uptrend wave was interspersed with the corrective wave of EXPANEDED FLAT
According to the analysis of the EurUSD today and the analysis of the free currencies FROM Gold Pattern
We find that the zigzag pattern ended near the level of 1.2020 and thus the EURUSD forecast indicates
a bearish price wave for the EURUSD
Summary of the technical analysis of the currencies today and the forecast of the euro-dollar analysis
EURUSD traded below an important resistance area over the medium term 1.2020 to 1.2090
The EURUSD is preferable to sell as long as the pair is below 1.2090 targeting the 1.1900 level of profit

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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19 days ago
Dec 29, 2017 19:50
GBP USD technical analysis and symmetrical triangle pattern
Published: Thursday, 28 December 2017 15:29

Technical analysis and the GBP / USD outlook from Gold Pattern the best forex signals provider
Best provider of GBPUSD recommendations
The GBPUSD trend in the near term is sideway for about two weeks as the pair trades between
The resistance level is at 1.3460 and the level at 1.3300
During this period the sterling gbpusd formed a symmetrical triangle pattern
The GBPUSD is now near the 1.3460 resistance level, which is at the same time
A turining point where we find it above the apex of the symmetrical triangle
It should also be noted that the price of GBPUSD is now testing the medium term bearish
trendline for the fourth time
Which renewed the chances of selling the pair
Today's technical analysis of the currencies and the expectations of sterling dollars GBPUSD
Preferably selling the pair as long as the sterling dollar below the important resistance level 1.3460
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Gold Signals And gold technical analysis
Forex Signals and forex technical analysis
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Athar dewidar, Egypt
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24 days ago
Dec 25, 2017 15:26
In Thread: USD
Gold Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern
Published: Saturday, 23 December 2017 18:48
Gold Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern
Although the trading and technical analysis of gold and currencies during the month of December is
marked by many fluctuations because of the end of the year
There is a group of technical gold indicators that should be mentioned today in the technical gold analysis
The most important of these is that the price of gold formed the correction zigzag pattern or measured move price pattern during the rise from the level of 1236
Second gold technical indicator , the rise in gold over the past two weeks represents
a correction of 62% of Fibonacci ratios
Thirdly gold indicator , the price of gold approaches the bearish trend line over the medium term and
if the bearish trend line plays the role of resistance that will push gold price down
The daily gold technical outlook suggests that gold may resume the medium term bearish trend

Gold Technical Analysis today and gold price outlook from Gold Pattern
Gold is preferred to sell as long as gold is below the falling trend line and below the 1280 level targeting 1260 and 1240 for next bearish wave
Athar dewidar, Egypt
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26 days ago
Dec 22, 2017 19:21
In Thread: USD
GBP USD FORECAST FREE and gbpusd trading signals
Published: Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:37
The pair's GBPUSD trend is bearish in the near term as the pair is down
From 1.3550 to 1.3300 during the last three weeks and during this deline GBPUSD broke
the medium term uptrend line that started from the 1.3050 level

The GBPUSD is testing the near term bearish trend line for the third time near the 1.3400
level Which represents an opportunity and trading signals to sell the pair
As the preferred trading strategy for the trend line as provided by the technical analysis is to follow the trend
And selling after the success of the trend line to serve as the resistance level for the third time for the pound dollars

The reversal candle pattern known as the shooting star pattern has appeared on the hour chart

Forex Technical Summary and GBP / USD Forecast and Trading Recommendations
It is preferable to sell GBP / USD as long as the GBP / USD is below 1.3470
so Gold pattern website presents sell GBP usd trading signals immediately, free and live
sell @ 1.3410
tp1 @ 1.3340
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Athar dewidar, Egypt
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33 days ago
Dec 15, 2017 19:20
gold technical analysis and xau usd trading signals sell
Published: Wednesday, 13 December 2017 17:47
The price of the ounce of gold fell at the beginning of this week,
confirming the breach of the gold price of the rising trend line
Which we mentioned in the previous gold technical analysis and forecasts of
gold analysis today indicate the chances of continued decline of gold
Where the symmetrical triangle pattern on the gold chart has appeared on
the daily Frame and on the four hour frame Which is a corrective wave in the bearish trend
from the level of 1356 and is expected to reach the second wave of this decline near the level of 1210
On the hourly frame we find that the price of gold rose today and formed the pattern of
the zigzag correction, which ends near the previous resistance level 1248
Which represents an opportunity to sell gold
Gold Trading Strategy Today, Gold Technical Analysis Summary and Gold trading Recommendation
It is preferable to sell gold on the international market as long as gold is under the influence of the bearish trend and did not exceed 1255

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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39 days ago
Dec 10, 2017 16:37
Gold Technical Analysis for long term and trading signals free
Published: Saturday, 09 December 2017 19:26

Gold Technical Analysis On the daily Farm, from one year from now,
gold has formed a bullish uptrend which started from The 1120 level

and the gold price broke the long term uptrendline near the 1260 level
which is an early signal of the reversal of the long term bullish trend

A technical analysis of the medium term indicates the emergence of the measured move pattern
AB = CD And the first wave of the pattern strarted from the level of 1357
until it reached the level of 1260
And the second wave rebounds from around 1300 level and is expected to close near the 1210 level

Technical gold price forecasts suggest that gold prices may continue to fall
To near the 1210 level which represents a significant support level over the medium term

Gold trading strategy and gold price outlook over the medium term

Prefer to sell gold in the medium term as long as the price of gold below the level of 1260
Targeting the 1210 level of profit-taking

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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43 days ago
Dec 6, 2017 17:29
In Thread: EUR
In reply to Sir Ignore's post
gold analysis and XAU USD trading signals free daily live
Published: Monday, 04 December 2017 16:52
Gold technical analysis, price forecasts and gold trading signals from Gold Pattern
The gold trade witnessed a sharp and rapid decline with the end of trading last week
The price of gold has reached a level of 1270
Which was re-tested again at the beginning of this week
Gold price bear movements and trends can be analyzed as a corrective wave
for the past up trend
Which was made by gold rose from the level of 1264 until it reached the level of 1297
The price pattern can be analyzed on the current as a flat or occasional correction
And that the price of gold over the area 1270-1264 is above
an important support area in the near and medium term
A summary of the daily technical gold analysis, taking into account
the sideway -direction that controls gold trading over the medium term
Gold Trading Strategy and Gold Price Analysis and Forecasts from Gold Pattern
Gold is preferred to buy as long as the price of gold is above 1264
That is why Gold Parttern offers a free live buy gold trading signal free

Athar dewidar, Egypt
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48 days ago
Dec 1, 2017 14:32
In Thread: GBP
Free Currencies trading signals and GBP usd Technical analysis today
Published: Thursday, 30 November 2017 18:33
The pair reached $ 1.3547, its highest level in the past two months
As the GBPUSD rally FORMED the AB = CD pattern
The pair's rally from 1.3040 to 1.3380 was the first wave or first leg of the pattern
The second leg or second wave of the pattern was the Sterling rally from 1.3220 to 1.3547
According to the technical analysis of the GBPUSD, an upcoming downward movement
is expected to be a corrective wave for the current bullish trend
In the near term or reversing the uptrend and the beginning of a bearish trend
Gold Pattern Technical Analysis of the GBP against the US Dollar
Currency expectations and free forex trading signals online

Forex Trading Advice and the GBPUSD Outlook today for free
Prefer to sell a pair of dollars and build a gold At the same time,
Gold Pattern is offering to sell the GBP immediately

sell @ 1.3520
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