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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Feb 22, 2010 5:00
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Discuss USD
N.Cornwall, UK
Posts: 5733
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 17:59
And you think that trading fundamental analysis is not calculated gambling, really?
Singapore, Singapore
Posts: 21
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 17:06
Ashraf does some great fundamental analysis. In fx, 500 pip movements either way is just noise, not to mention 80 pip movements.

Relying on charts for short term trades is as good as gambling. It becomes calculated gambling with money management skills and nothing more.
london, Kenya
Posted Anonymously
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 13:16
Ashraf said go long usd , euro spiked around 80pips .. tak tak
Douglas, Isle of Man
Posts: 82
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 13:09
Yes rose I am with u on usdchf...will look to buy if we get close to 9240 area again...stop below in case this heads south
United States
Posted Anonymously
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 13:03
manchester, UK
Posts: 1763
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 11:23
Ashraf & CAT have same idea, let's do it! ^_^
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
Posts: 0
11 years ago
Mar 9, 2011 1:56
USD seeks to add more upside in the 2 weeks to come.

FX markets maintained USD well bid despite a rebound in equities, adding further (desperately needed) support for the USD index, which translated into EURUSD falling below 1.39, GBPUSD below 1.6170 and USDJPY testing 82.90s. ----- Expectations of an ECB hike failed to boost EUR after Standard and Poor's ratings report warned of further downgrades in Eurozone peripheral nations and told MNI that a Greek default come in between 30-50%, so a haircut of more than 50%. EUR bulls may rest comfortably unless a break below 1.38 trendline materializes. ------ AUDUSD requires a close below 1.0015-20 to extend losses towards the next target of 0.9950s. Aussie jobs tomorrow night, BoE decision on Thursday and US retail sales on Friday will help deterlimne these key levels.


Posted Anonymously
11 years ago
Mar 8, 2011 21:18
Machi moving my stops up to 9300 t/p 9450
Frankfurt, Germany
Posted Anonymously
11 years ago
Mar 8, 2011 17:10
USD short pos raise ... everyone US bearish ... time to buy USD future
Posted Anonymously
11 years ago
Mar 8, 2011 15:34
@rose: do you have a specific target or just letting yourself with the tide from here on?