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Which leverage do you mostly use in Forex trading ?
Less than 50-1
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What is your Forex Leverage ?

kuala lumpur, Malaysia
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43 days ago
Dec 4, 2018 2:59
With so many FX trading platforms one can be spoilt for choices but has done wonders for me.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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8 months ago
May 4, 2018 10:57
Hello everyone,

If you missed last night's webinar with Swissquite, here is the link.


Killara, Australia
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11 months ago
Jan 29, 2018 21:52
NY, United States
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1 year ago
Jul 18, 2017 14:37
United States
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2 years ago
Oct 12, 2016 15:28
I only day trade forex futures on CME. From years of experience, incuding watching most futures traders fail, I believe that it is imperative to adjust leverage to both the market conditions and the condition of one's biology and resulting psychology on a particular day. Thus, on one day I may utilize over 100-1 on say a Euro, Yen, or Pound full-sized contract. But on another day with increase external and/or internal risk, I may opt for only utilizing a micro contract or two, and thus I take the leverage down to 10 or 20 to 1.
zurich, Switzerland
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3 years ago
Jun 21, 2016 22:06
I hope shilling pays good
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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3 years ago
Jun 20, 2016 1:02
In reply to adelishable 2016's post
I use a leverage ranging from 10-1 to 100-1. Leverage is important, but not as important as the portion of your account that is used for open positions.

adelishable 2016
irbid, Jordan
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3 years ago
May 2, 2016 22:11

BUT I have a question for Mr.ashraf ,what is the name of your forex broker online ?
Cologne, Germany
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3 years ago
Apr 23, 2016 18:48
hey everyone! I have a question about the leverage! I have a leverage 500:1, but i am not very clear about this amount. Is it good or bad? Common sense tells me that higher leverage is better, but I want to clarify this thought with someone who knows better. Thank you!
LA, United States
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3 years ago
Apr 12, 2016 23:19