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How many Fed hikes do you expect for 2017?
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How many Fed hikes this year?

Steve Smith
New york City, United States
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3 years ago
Apr 27, 2017 8:03
Looking at the recent hike by federal reserve a stock market crash is certainly on the cards and that to make it possible warrren buffett stock market predictions is making it true.

The year may still be in its infancy, but investors already know it’s going to be a volatile 2017. First, there’s President Donald Trump’s economic action plan to cut taxes and increase spending. Will this translate into sustainable economic growth? What about Donald Trump’s perceived protectionist views? Will it lead to a trade war with China and Mexico?

What are the top [url] stock market predictions [/url] for 2017? When it comes to predicting the stock market, few are as accurate as Warren Buffett, the third-wealthiest person in the world, worth an estimated $60.8 billion.

tokyo, Japan
Posts: 3
3 years ago
Mar 16, 2017 4:31
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Race to raise so that they can lower after/during a recession.
Mumbai, India
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3 years ago
Mar 14, 2017 11:05
Probably a lot more is required on the employment front to hike the rates esp on 15th March, 2017.

Not sure of the rosy picture presented in this aspect.

I expect ONLY 1 rate hike that too in September, 2017!
Marco Piccolo
Folkestone, UK
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3 years ago
Mar 12, 2017 16:29
not enough strenght in the economy to hike the rate