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Your Top Trade?

If you were given $10,000 in real money today with one requirement: You must place 3 trades between now and the rest of the month, what would you do? The choice is strictly among spot forex (currency pairs), gold, oil, DOW30, SPX500 or DAX30. Feel free to use the comments area to specify price target, time frame and/or other pairs or markets not mentioned among the choices.
Amman, Jordan
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2 months ago
Aug 15, 2019 20:14
Vote: Buy gold

we are at the end of an economic cycle in the US, and the rest of the world already entered a slow down for a couple of years now Despite central banks stimulation and rate cuts which only led to postponing the end of an economic cycle.

when slow down happens or we enter the deflation part of the cycle, central banks step in with rate cuts and stimulus but this time is different because no ammo left to do so, even the US 2.25 is not enough (usually it takes 4 to 5% rate cut to get the economy back on track), gold will be an investors first choice for hedging this part of the cycle
United States
Posts: 237
2 months ago
Aug 14, 2019 16:54
Gold to $1700 before the end of the year, could even see it nearing the all time high if US stocks take a major hit this Autumn.

Gold and silver have broken out solidly and look to be a vote of no confidence in the major central banks keeping it all together despite industrial production slowing worldwide, trade wars, massive deficit problems, and increasing geopolitical chaos.

For those that want to dip their toes into the water a great way to play gold is via the December Micro Gold Futures.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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2 months ago
Jul 22, 2019 11:44
In reply to abdaaa's post

Your comments make sense. But what would you say to those who say the US economy remains the strongest,etcc?
Would you care to give any forecasts on gold? price/time?

ariana, Tunisia
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2 months ago
Jul 19, 2019 12:45
Vote: Buy gold

There is a monetary crisis, not an economic one
People will look for anything other than a dollar lie and of course they will run into gold, stocks and bonds and bitcoin
Gold is the origin of money