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12 years ago
Jul 3, 2009 1:30
Hi Ashraf,

Looks like we were right. My EUR USD short is up 200 pips as well as 100 + for AUD USD short.
I wonder how long this will last as both EUR/USD and AUD/USD are range bound currently.
Do you think this is a short lived move?

The S & P has had a significant decline last night, this may raise more doubts regarding the recovery which could allow US to strengthen on the back of that (short term). I am however in doubts for the US Dollar's strength.
Would welcome your thoughts as always

Kind Regards,
Posted Anonymously
12 years ago
Jun 28, 2009 6:25
Salam Ashraf,

Very well said.
I am currently short on EUR/USD as well as AUD/USD based on my hypothesis that the S & P has topped for June and may see a decline in the forthcoming weeks. We have had a considerable increase in the S & P as well as increased trading in high risk high yield currencies like the AUD. I think it may be time for a strong reversal but obviously I could be wrong. The Euro has a busy calender week ahead of them which may assist in my short position.
What are your thoughts on this angle?

Best Regards,
Ali from Australia