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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Sep 3, 2010 19:00
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The QE Case for Gold & Silver

The inevitability of further asset purchases from the Fed, BoE, ECB and BoJ enhance the case for gold and silver.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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12 years ago
Sep 6, 2010 16:11
Lawrence, investment demand is huge espclly in ETFs. do a google search to have an idea abt how much $$$ went into GOLD funds. But it is easier to move SLV faster than GLD in % terms especially as indiv investors are now waking up to the fact that it has to least regain its 2008 record high

Tennessee, United States
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12 years ago
Sep 6, 2010 3:10
Ashraf, I understand that gold prices closely follow the gold holdings (in tonnes) of the GLD exchange traded fund. Supposedly this fund is one of the top five holders of gold in the world, and I assume this fund is driven by retail traders, not the big boys. So, do you see this gold rise being driven by retail traders, or are there larger forces in play? And, why is silver likely to outperform with a slowing world economy weighing on industrial commodities? As always, thanks for your insights.
New Mexico, United States
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12 years ago
Sep 4, 2010 18:32
Great to see someone on the same page as me, but we both expected a bigger correction in gold this year and never got it.
As I said in my blog, I see gold easily reaching 1250 this year and most likely will see a run 1500 before its over. Closing around 1200 for the year is looking conservative atp.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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12 years ago
Sep 4, 2010 16:11
Seif, i wrote in the last paragraph of this article about Gold's support.

Silver may see some resistance just above 20.20s..before slightly retreating..but the fundamentals seem powerful enough for to finally get us over that $21.30 record. but not sure $30 will happen anytime soon.

mulhouse, France
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12 years ago
Sep 3, 2010 22:44
better paper than the one i let u in london last year
Cairo, Egypt
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12 years ago
Sep 3, 2010 19:25
Dear Ashraf
I would like to thank you for this rich analysis
I want to tell you all guyz that this analysis cannot be found elsewhere
its a treasure
my question for now is
do you see a pullback in silver or the price will attack the march 08 high
where can support be found for gold ?