Posted May 29, 16:38

Chicago PMI warns USD bulls ahead of ISM & ADP

Chicago PMI warns USD bulls ahead of ISM & ADP Chart
26 minutes ago: 

The six-point drop in today's release of the May Chicago PMI to contraction territory at 46.2 doesn't augur well for next week's release of the manufacturing ISM and NFP figures. The situation is different from last February when a similar thing occured.  Full charts & anlaysis.

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: May 28, 12:07
The Focus is on Japan After FX Warning May 28, 2015 23:00: 

It may be true that most countries want a bit of FX weakness but there is a limit. Japan is beginning to show signs of strong growth and the USD/JPY rally abruptly ended Thursday on an FX quip from Fin Min Taro Aso. On the day, CHF led the way while the antipodeans lagged. The focus will remain on the yen with a slate of top-tier economic data up next.  In today's Premium Insights, we added a EURAUD trade with 3 charts, currently +50 pips in the money. It's been a generation since markets have had to deal with a strong Japanese economy and at the moment, the reaction is total skepticism if not disbelief. But Japan has strung together a few good months and the consensus for 2015 growth has moved close to 2% from 0.9% at the start of the year.


China stocks tumble, Aussie capex crumble, oil supported May 28, 2015 17:21: 

The 7% plunge in Shanghai Composite forms a weekly gravessone doji as PBOC withdraws liquidity, while Aussie capex crumbles, opening the door for a summer RBA easing. Full chart & analysis.