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Ashraf on Markets, Trading & Learning

Ashraf on Markets, Trading & Learning  Chart
Oct 20: 

Ashraf's interview with Sylvain Asimus of Market Tutors on trading markets and the importance of learning. Full interview.

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Oct 20, 15:29
Draghi Firmly Neutral Oct 20, 2016 14:26: 

ECB's Draghi reiterated the ECB discussed neither tapering, not extending QE. Despite repeating the usual line of considering to extend purchases beyond their planned expiry date, Draghi calmed restless reporters & traders who seem to expect that something must be done (taper or extension) at each meeting. But as we indicated long ago, Draghi's message has been: "Eyes off, ears off. Turn your expectations towards national governments as we're tapped out".  Below is the note published 1 hour before the ECB decision. A new Premium trade has been issued moments ago, partly boosted by a DragonFly Doji. A trade was also issued earlier this morning, 1 hour after the Clinton-Trump debate.


The Poloz Plan, AUD Employment & Debate Oct 19, 2016 22:34: 

Central bankers walk a fine line where a surprise can often stimulate an economy but a shock might destabilize it. Reading between the lines, the Bank of Canada seems to be setting something up for the near future. The Australian dollar was the top performer Wednesday while the pound lagged. The Fed's Dudley and Australian employment are due next. A new Premium trade shall be issued ahead of tonight's Presidential Debate between Clinton & Trump.


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