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The Quiet Trade

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Everything else equal, what's the trade? That's the question we pose as markets drift in a holiday-shortened week. The pound was the top performer while the euro lagged. The RBA meeting minutes are up next. A 2nd EUR trade was issued today  with 3 charts & notes as part of the "EUR Tactical Set-up".

تدقيق اليورو، الاسترليني و الذهب (فيديو للمشتركين للصفقات القادمة والمستقبلية)

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Nov 20, 19:28
GBP & EUR Moves Nov 20, 2017 11:08: 

Sterling and euro are in the news for different reasons with the former gaining on improved prospects of an agreement on the Brexit bill and the latter undergoing volatility in Asian trade after German coalition talks collapsed following the Free Democratic Party's walking out of the exploratory talks. More strikingly is the euro's recovery of all  its 70-pip decline in London trade amid the realisation that any delayed would fail to derail the economic recovery in Germany and rest of the Eurozone. A new Premium Insights trade/note on the euro will be issued later today.


Dimanche La Journée du Trading Nov 16, 2017 21:47: 

Ce Dimanche 19 novembre, plus de 5 hrs de formations gratuites avec des experts reconnus. XTB vous propose une journée complète de formations et d'informations sur les marchés.


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