Posted Jun 22, 2:21

Central Banks To Trip on Oil

Central Banks To Trip on Oil Chart
21 hours ago: 

Oil is working its way back into the central banking and economic equation with prices now down 19% since the May 25 OPEC meeting.  GBP was the top performer Wednesday while CAD lagged. The RBNZ held rates at 1.75%, as expected. A new NZD Premium trade has been issued in addition to the 7 existing trades.

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Dollar Slow to Warm to Hawks Jun 20, 2017 0:29: 

The market is seemingly saying, “we've been burned by this before” as the dollar reluctantly rises on optimism from the Fed. USD led the way on Monday while the yen lagged. The central bank calendar is busy in the day ahead. CADJPY Premium trade will be kept as is but members are free to adjust the stop.


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