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Timing Gold's Intraday Reversal توقيت إنعكاسات الذهب

Timing Gold's Intraday Reversal توقيت إنعكاسات الذهب Chart
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Here is an example from today's trading, setting up our Whatsapp Broadcast Group members with written, voice and chart notes pre-US data. Once the data were released 8:30 & 10:00 Eastern time (13:30 & 15:00 London), we followed-up by guiding members on gold's likely reaction as well at which point the reversal would start (we missed the timing by 30 mins today). The WBG does not only rely on intramarket technicals to trade FX, metals and indices, but also takes a dive into intraday flows, when conditions are suitable--like today, yesterday and Wednesday (see the 30-mins chart inside the WBG chat). 

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Dec 30, 12:00
Another Short Long Combo in Gold مضاربة الذهب على الإتجاهين Jan 18, 2023 17:38: 

Here is another example of taking advantage of our anticipation of the familiar pattern in $40-50 declines off Gold's tops. We already demonstrated how this worked in late December here. Yesterday, we entered a short around 1913, targetting 1900, while we retained our 1919 long targetting 1926/7. It's all good to say "gold should extend higher", or "time for a pullback", but the challenge is to implement ideas into trades. Since November, gold made $40-$50 pullbacks in 6 occasions, respecting a simple classic trendline support. Here it is below.    


CAD on the Cusp Jan 11, 2023 16:13: 

USDCAD is back down below 1.3500, not quite hitting the final Head and Shoulders target mentioned to our WhatsApp Broadcast Group members on Nov 4th [see chart below]. So what is next for the pair? Last Friday, Canada had a stellar jobs report from with employment rising (full-time and part time), unemployment falling and the participation rate gaining. See how each USDCAD rebound above the neckline failed to break the right shoulder of 1.37 during market selloffs (risk-off). Any renewed episode of market selling (possibly a strong CPI tomorrow) could lift the pair back to 1.3480/90s. Yet, my position remains unchanged (as it has since Nov 4th). Will the next phase of USD selling take us to 1.3170? What's so special about 1.3170 apart from it being a H&S targetMost pertinently, there is a unique relationship between USDCAD and its 200-DMA, which makes a retest of the average an inevitability. If you want to learn how incorporate interFX and intermarket analysis such as using the CNH H&S as a reference for your positioning alongside XAUUSD, then come to my private seminar in London this Saturday. There will be several fellow traders, a 3-course lunch from The Gherkin restaurant and a free autographed copy of my book, not to mention trading account incentives from our sponsor. 
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CAD on the Cusp - Whatsapp Usdcad Nov 11 2022 (Chart 1)


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