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الدولار الكندي، بيتكوين، ريبل و إثريوم

الدولار الكندي، بيتكوين، ريبل و إثريوم Chart
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ارتفع ريبل ٩٣% منذ قاع يوم أمس و ٤٠% الاثيريوم و ٣٥% لبتكوين. نعالج التذبذبات و الاتجاهات في العملات الرقمية بالإضافة الى الكندي و اليورو الفيديو الكامل

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Bitcoin Seasonals. Really? Jan 18, 2018 12:33: 

Watch out FX traders. Wednesday was another tumultuous day in the currencies following BoC hike and US dollar initially continued to wilt but caught a strong bid late in the evening. Overnight, Aussie jobs slowed to a higher level than was expected but unemployment edged up, capping AUD at 0.80. Earlier today, US Philly Fed survey eased as well as US jobless claims. Here is a chart suggesting a possible January-February seasonality in Bitcoin's price change. Could it be a result of Chinese selling Bitcoin in January to help Chinese New Year purchases?


Will the Bank of Canada Surprise? Jan 17, 2018 13:31: 

Will the Bank of Canada surprise markets by not raising rates today? The decision is at 10 am ET, 3 pm London/GMT.  Full analysis.


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