Posted Oct 30, 20:06

Election Scenario #1: Blue Wave

Election Scenario #1: Blue Wave Chart
Oct 30: 

In the run-up to the election we will look at the most likely outcomes and how they will affect the market. The first scenario is a "blue wave"; a scenario where Biden wins and the Democrats take the Senate, while holding the House. There are currently 4 existing Premium trades open, short FB at 275 (now 261), short Netflix at 549 (now at 474), short NZDUSD at 9580 (now at 6611), long Bitcoin at 6300 (now at 13500).  Below is the Premium video for subscribers, ahead of US Polling Day. 

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Oct 20, 16:00
Faith of Flight Oct 29, 2020 16:11: 

This is the moment of truth for market participants who are trying to see past the US election and the coronavirus. We have warned on how difficult that will be and saw that manifest on Wednesday as risk trades were crushed. Thursday will be another day with a packed economic calendar. The following chart is what Ashraf has been continuously updating the members of the WhatsApp Broadcast Group regarding the real time developments of the USD-Gold-RealYields triangularity.


Lockdown Linguistics Oct 27, 2020 18:40: 

At the moment, the market is struggling with the question of 'lockdown vs no lockdown' as coronavirus cases surge but with that framing, we're asking the wrong question. Take a look at the GOLD and DOW30 charts at the bottom of this piece. Meanwhile, Ashraf posted this latest chart, highlighting the unfolding correlation between Biden-Trump polls and the market. 


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