Posted Oct 4, 16:02

My June 15 Warning. Now what?

1 hour ago: 

On June 15, I wrote an IMT (unpaid part of this website), pointing out to the 40-month cycle in USDJPY, implying that USDJPY has already seen the peak. Since then, the pair has fallen by more than 400 pips in at least three occasions. Yes, it has also rebounded few times, but selling the bounce has proven more rewarding than buying the dips. Here is the JUNE 15 CHART. Some may say the problem with such long-term cyclical analysis is timing. That's where the role of momentum charts comes in to back up our Premium trades, which we use to confirm and update our central thesis with the rationale part of each trade. The addition of 1-2 per week videos for our Premium subscribers has been instrumental in fitting a lot of ideas & saving me writing.  The last two Premium trades in USDJPY produced more than 200 pips each.  Friday's market reversal comprised a crucial development to our central thesis. The next 3 weeks will witness a bloody battle bwteen bulls and bears. All of this will be broken down in this week's Premium trades, charts & videos. Good luck & be careful.

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Sep 28, 23:10
Payrolls Shock is Wakeup Call to Hawks & USD Bulls Oct 2, 2015 16:03: 

The US September jobs report deals a significant blow to the notion of a 2015 Fed hike--against which we consistently disagreed throughout the year – as it achieved the gloomy feat of disappointing across the board -- headline rate (first back-to-back months of sub 200K in 18 months), downward revision in prior months (-59K), notable decline in average hourly earnings, and the unchanged unemployment rate was offset by the decline in the participation rate to a fresh 38-year lows.


Hurricane Heartbreak for Oil Bulls Oct 1, 2015 23:31: 

We take a closer look at the US oil supply story today after a $2 whipsaw on crude prices as Hurricane Joakim approaches New York. The Canadian dollar got a boost from crude and was the top performer while CHF lagged. Australian retail sales are next.