Posted Jul 26, 13:42

Bitcoin & Ethereum Webinar

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On Jul 4th webinar, when Bitcoin traded at $2590, I mentioned the technical and fundamental reasons why it would drop below $2000. 12 days later, Bitcoin fell to $1800.   Today's price is at $2540, down $400 over the last 2 days despite the BIP91 lockin. Find out why & what's ahead in Monday's webinar.

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Jul 17, 20:59
The Global Petrie Dish Jul 25, 2017 17:59: 

The rising tide of global growth is lifting all boats but there are lessons in how some are recovering better than others. The Aussie is the strongest, while the JPY is the weakest as equity indices enter an obligatory corrective rally ahead of the Fed. Month-to-date, all currencies are up against the dollar, with the loonie on top and GBP at the bottom. The Premium Insights will issue a trade tomorrow ahead of the Fed decision.


Euro Faces Hardened Test Jul 24, 2017 12:43: 

European indices are selling off again, not only due to the prospects of invevitable QE tapering from the ECB, but also due to ongoing declines Europe's auto sector due to allegations of price collusion.  Daimler-Benz and BMW are down 15% and 11% year-to-date. On Friday, the Premium Insights locked in 345-pt gain in the Dax short trade opened on Monday. A new note had been issued to indicate the next step (when & where). 


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