Posted Apr 18, 10:17

Finding the Bank of Canada Bias

Finding the Bank of Canada Bias Chart
Apr 18: 

Today's Bank of Canada decision on interest rates (10:00 Eastern, 15:00 London/BST) could be a signal that stretches beyond Canada. The loonie was the top performer Tuesday in anticipation of a hawkish move while the Swiss franc lagged. The latest video for Premium subscribers below highlights this week's trade action on CAD.

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هل فاتك قطار الاسترليني؟ Apr 17, 2018 20:46: 

سجل زوج الاسترليني-دولار أعلى مستوى له في أكثر من ٢٠ شهر. هل ما زال المجال مفتوح نحو المزيد من الإرتفاع أم حان وقت التراجع؟ يعالج هذا الموضوع الأستاذ أشرف العايدي باستعمال: التحليل الفني؛ عقود الخيارات؛ العقود الآجلة ؛ وتفاعل الأجور مع التضخم الفيديو الكامل


No Scare in Syria Strikes Apr 16, 2018 12:47: 

Talk about striking Syria with missiles finally turned to action early Saturday as the US, France and UK fired more than 100 missiles at three main targets. Markets were closed during the event and the lack of follow up or retaliation soothed fears of an escalation. CFTC positioning data showed increasing bets on the euro. US retail sales follow shortly. The short GBPUSD trade hit its final target of 1.4330 from its 1.4100 entry 3 weeks ago. A new USD trade has been issued for the Premium service. Broad USD weakness ensued as the control group of US retail sales came in within expectations.


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