Posted Mar 3, 22:36

Recording of Ashraf's Today Session

Recording of Ashraf's Today Session  Chart
Mar 03: 

Bond-driven risk aversion dominated broader markets on Wednesday but crude shrugged it off on optimism that OPEC+ will rollover cuts. The US dollar as the top performer while the kiwi lagged. Comments from Powell are key in the day ahead. Here is a recording of Ashraf's multi-subject session made today for ForexSpace--80% in English and 20% in Arabic . 

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Central Bank Schism Appears Mar 2, 2021 17:00: 

The currency market may soon be split between central banks who will tolerate higher borrowing rates and those who won't. The Australian dollar was the top performer on Monday while the Swiss franc lagged. Watch out for comments from Brainard in the day ahead.


CNH vs DXY & RBA Cuts Down Yields Mar 1, 2021 18:50: 

Central banks will be under pressure to respond to rising yields this week and the RBA kicked it off by doubling its daily bond purchases, dropping the 10-year by 30 basis points. Last week, the US dollar was the top performer, but today it's mixed, as AUD, CAD and NZD lead the flows. CFTC positioning showed some speculative love for the pound. Ashraf lays out 3 charts below that will increasingly rule the FX order in the months to come--especially in USD-pairs. Get your eyes to habituate themselves looking at them. 


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