Posted Jun 30, 0:31

A Look at the Post-Brexit Signs Outside FX

A Look at the Post-Brexit Signs Outside FX Chart
14 hours ago: 

The Brexit bounce continued for a second day, although GBP slipped late in the day.  Sterling was still the top performer and the yen lagged for the second day in a row. Japanese industrial production and Australian credit data is due later. A new trade was issued in USD, shaped by the conspiring 55-WMA.

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Jun 29, 22:33
Two Key People to Watch Jun 29, 2016 0:45: 

Markets bounced on the idea that a Brexit might not take place at all, we examine the two people most likely to determine whether or not it happens. The pound was the top performer on the day while the yen lagged but the overall moves were modest compared to the scope of the recent rout. Japanese retail sales are due later. Below is the link to today's Premium video, focusing on the existing trades and "Back to 2001-2008 Cycle & Gold-Oil Relation".