Posted Mar 27, 20:35

Net euro shorts hit record high after 3-year wait

Net euro shorts hit record high after 3-year wait Chart
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Excessive speculative longs and shorts are often used by traders as contrarian sign, but deciding upon what determines “excessive” is debatable.  Full charts & analysis.

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Major Trends Die Hard, Japan CPI Next Mar 26, 2015 23:41: 

The US dollar stormed back on Thursday minutes after the euro hit a three week high. The dollar was easily the best performer in US trading but CAD and JPY were tops on the day. Japanese CPI, employment and retail sales are due later. A new set of Premium trades will be issued tomorrow morning ahead of the US GDP revision and Yellen's speech after today's wild-fluctuations day, which looked rather similar to last Thursday in terms of FX swings.


Stocks Shudder on Hike Talk, Tech Downgrade Mar 26, 2015 0:03: 

The only thing the stock market likes less than the prospect of a rate hike is the prospect of a rate hike in a softer economy. The Nasdaq posted its worst day in 11 months Wednesday following a downgrade of semiconductor maker AMD as the euro led and the kiwi lagged. The Asia-Pacific calendar is quiet. EURGBP Premium trade is open ahead of tomorrow's UK retail sales.