Posted Mar 23, 22:20

Repeal-Replace Delayed

Flash Manufacturing PMI Mar 24 13:45
Flash PMI Manufacturing Mar 24 00:30
Repeal-Replace Delayed Chart
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When in doubt, delay. Republicans delayed the vote on their first major piece of legislation as Tea Party supporters said it didn't do enough to eliminate Obamacare. The pound was the top performer while the Australian dollar lagged. Last night's Premium is now in progress joining 7 other trades. 2 trades in indices, 2 in commodities and 3 in FX.

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Mar 22, 21:55
Why the House Health Care Vote Matters Mar 22, 2017 22:04: 

The current version of Trump's healthcare plan will be dead-on-arrival in the Senate yet Thursday's vote in the House is a blockbuster. We explain why. The yen was the top performer on Wednesday while the Australian dollar lagged. A new Premium trade has been issued ahead of the House vote, backed by 4 technical reasons and 4 charts. 5 out of the 7 existing Premium trades are currently in the green.


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