Posted Sep 1, 20:09

SNB: 3 years minus 5 days

GDP (Q2) (q/q) Sep 02 05:45
GDP (Q2) (y/y) Sep 02 05:45
11 hours ago: 

3 years minus 5 days, the Swiss National Bank delivered its stealth intervention to the cap the soaring franc as capital fled into the safety of the Swiss currency during the Eurozone debt. Now that EURCHF has fallen to 21-month lows, losing 5% from its 2013 highs, the SNB is back to reminding markets of its pledge to defend the franc and that the “environment has deteriorated for Switzerland”. What would this mean 3 days ahead of the ECB decision? Any impact on the already falling EURCHF? Will the ECB do the work for the SNB, or will the Swiss intervention army be deployed yet again? One of our CHF Premium trades is currently netting more than 150 pips. Today, we added a new CHF trade with 2 charts ahead of tomorrow's Swiss Q2 GDP. Trades & charts here.

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Fear or Fundamentals? Aug 31, 2014 23:19: 

The separatist counteroffensive in Eastern Ukraine means violence and sanctions will be a main theme in the day ahead but the underlying story US economic improvement and European malaise continues. Last week the Canadian dollar was the top performer while the euro lagged. CFTC positioning data showed more sellers in the euro and yen.


GBP Braces for September Aug 29, 2014 19:01: 

GBPUSD has managed to avoid its 8th consecutive weekly decline, something last seen during the 1976 sterling crisis and GBP bulls are focusing on a few chart developments such as a weekly doji candle resting right above the 55-WMA. Picking new longs may make sense, but to up to what point? GBPUSD will undoubtedly be impacted by the upcoming key US releases (ADP, manuf ISM and payrolls), ECB decision and the UK releases , namely the monthly UK PMI trifecta. Further indications on the latest opinion polls ahead of the Sep 18 Scotland referendum should also become a factor as the “Yes” camp is closing in on the “No” camp. Following a month when GBP lost ground against all major 10 currencies, with the exception of EUR, find out our next Premium trade in GBPUSD here.