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Gold TRisk off & Aussie's Virus Return

Gold TRisk off & Aussie's Virus Return Chart
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Risk appetite finally tapers off after the Bank of Japan said it will not expand its easing operations in light of rebounding cases of Covid19, while USD stabilizes following five straight declining sessions. Aussie is the biggest loser of the day on a combination of cautious commentary from the RBA over spiarling rate of Covid19 cases in Australia and overall retreat in risk appetite. The Premium gold long entry at 1690 reached its final target of 1790. The Premium Insights service is ready to send a 2-pronged tactical plan this week.

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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Jun 29, 20:50
Summer Backslide Jul 6, 2020 17:31: 

The coronavirus backslide isn't just a US story; Australia grabbed headlines on the weekend because of outbreaks and a number of countries are hitting various records. The US dollar starts another week on a sour note, down against all currencies, with silver and euro at the lead and CAD was the weakest after a dismal business survey from the Bank of Canada. (more below). The US services ISM survey jumped to 57.1 from 45.5, showing the biggest 1-month rise on record is the early highlight of the week. The Premium long DAX30 hit its final 12770 target for 640-pt gain, 3 days after the DOW30 long reached its final target for a 670-pt gain. 
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Summer Backslide - Indices Ranked Jul 6 2020 (Chart 1)


Jobs Jump Fades Jul 3, 2020 11:19: 

Risk trades initially cheered an unexpectedly strong non-farm payrolls report but the enthusiasm didn't last (More on the dynamics of market reaction and yesterday's key 6 charts  below).  Strong US data and recovering China PMIs helped affirm the paragdigm of stabilizing growth = USD weakness, which was anticipated in yesterday's NFP preview here.  XAG, AUD, NZD are leading against the USD, while GBP and CHF lag. The US is on holiday, giving markets a chance to regroup. Monday's long DOW30 trade in the Premium Insights' hit its 26200 target yesterday for a 670-pt gain, while last week's Premium long in DAX at 12130 has yet to reach its final target of 12770, but Ashraf may close it before today's close.


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