Gold/SPX Ratio's Boom-Bust Pattern

by Ashraf Laidi | 20 Jul, 2015
Gold's tumble to a 5-year low today is the latest manifestation of the ensuing crash in global commodities. More...

  • Intermarket convergence: Bunds, Oil, USD, EUR

    by Ashraf Laidi | May 22, 2015 8:05
    The latest technical picture in intermarket dynamics suggests the USD is not yet ready to regain the positive momentum of the recent months, but the stabilisation path for oil, euro, bond yieds...
  • The Best UK Election Scenario for Gilts

    by Ashraf Laidi | Apr 30, 2015 15:29
    The Best UK Election Scenario for Gilts  Chart As we assess the impact of the UK general election on UK government bonds (gilts), it is important to tackle the prospects for inflation/deflation, earnings growth, austerity as well as the...
  • Euro hits $1.10 as ECB kicks off QE

    by Ashraf Laidi | Mar 5, 2015 16:22
    The euro currency had short-lived rally off its latest 11-year lows when the ECB revised its 2015 GDP forecasts to 1.5% from December's 1.0% and upgrading its 2016 growth view to 1.9% from the...
  • UK jobs, earnings fire up sterling

    by Ashraf Laidi | Feb 18, 2015 14:03
    The positives of the UK jobs figures are broad-based as the unemployment rate –measured by the ILO– dropped for the 3rd straight month to reaching 5.7%–its lowest since August...

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