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12 years ago
Oct 26, 2011 20:24
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I just wanted to share my experiences with you. I have to say, i am very satisfied with the premium service. I consider it as having my "personal" market analyst available, that's really worth the USD 90 each month. This way I do not have to spend hours of searching the internet for relevant information...ending up with scanning 99% anyway useless stuff.

Many times I take the trades AL is suggesting, but may be adjusting SL, TP to fit my own needs. The most valuable part of the service for me is the market analysis. This gives me confidence in the general direction a currency pair may move and based on this I add additional trades for longer term goals. I never take a risk > 1% per trade and still could manage within 5 weeks of using the service to grow my account by 20%.

Combined with good money management this service is really great.