Ashraf Laidi on AlArabiya PSI, Gold & Debt - Mar 03, 2012

Mar 4, 2012 1:13
Ashraf speaks with AlArabiya's Nadine Hani on the Private Sector Initiative offer for Greece, saying that at least 75% of creditors have to accept the deal, otherwise the nation will be unable to meet its € 14 bln payment due March 20. Greece is hoping that between 80% and 90% of creditors will approve the deal. Ashraf also covers the latest selloff in metals, attributing it to Bernanke's inflation reference in last week's speech, which dampened expectations for QE3. He reminds that the euro and metals had been consistently boosted by anticipation of QE3 from the US as well central bank injections (BoE, ECb & BoJ), and any speeches or market dynamics hinting the contrary, would be detrimental to the single currency, which continues to suffer from ongoing structural challenges. More on Ashraf's charts regarding gold, silver and euro, click on this detailed analysis:

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