Ashraf Laidi on CNBC January 29, 2013

Jan 29, 2013 7:51
Telling CNBC the ECB balance sheet has in shrunk by 5% over the last 6 months compared to increases of 5-15% for the other big three. The ECB's refraining from currency wars may not be the only reason to the euro's sharp rebound. 32-month highs in Germany's business surveys and solid auctions by most periphery Eurozone nations as of late can be categorized among "stabilizing fundamentals" for the Eurozone. The road to $1.37 in EURUSD remains intact as suggested in our Dec 4 note "1.35 Euro Target Revised up". .$1.40 is no longer deemed an aggressive forecast, and is considered baseline objective for early Q2 2013. For tradable ideas on FX and commodities, please our Premium Insights here:

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