Ashraf Laidi on CNBC on the GDP, FOMC & Summers/Yellen - Jul 30, 2013

Jul 30, 2013 17:25
Ashraf discusses the reasons for tapering, the upcoming GDP, FOMC releases and on the race for Fed Chariman by Larry Summers and Janet Yellen. 6 reasons the Fed will/must taper in September 1. Record highs in US equities 2. 6-year highs in US consumer sentiment 3. Longest streak of +100K NFP in 12 years 4. 6-year lows in unemployment rate 5. Bernanke is highly unlikely to leave this year depart without a tweek in the asset purchasing program. Failing to do so would label him as Greenspan Bubble Master #2, starting the QE bubble without a plan to end it or even scaling it down. 6. Cannot afford a new round of USD weakness at expense of strengthening currencies of weaker economies. For tradable ideas on FX & metals, please visit

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