Accolades for Ashraf Laidi's Book

"Ashraf Laidi is the foremost expert on foreign exchange trading today. His unique insights and penetrating analysis set him apart from everyone else in the field. He is ahead of trends and fully understands, and can thoroughly explain, the intermarket implications of chaos in the currency markets. In today's chaotic environment, Ashraf's work is a must-read for anyone who wants to know why today, more than ever, money makes the world go round."

- Ron Insana, Former CNBC Anchor and Author of "Trend Watching: How to Avoid Wall Street's Next Fads, Manias and Bubbles", and "Message of the Markets".

"Ashraf Laidi is virtually without peer in his grasp of currency movements and their significance for financial and commodity markets and the global economy. As his new book illustrates, he's blessed with an uncommon knack for describing the meaning of trends in those often erratic markets in clear and concise fashion, happily avoiding the mumbo-jumbo that renders so much writing on the subject both incomprehensible and indigestible. For anyone eager to get a fix on what makes the currency markets tick and why they've become ever more critically important--and that's just about everyone with a pulse these days--it's a perfect introduction. And for the seasonsed investror, it's a stimulating refresher course and an invaluable reminder of how much you didn't know. "

- Alan Abelson, Barrons, Editor

"Ashraf Laidi has been an invaluable source of insight as global currencies have endured their fiercest bout of turbulence for years. This book offers an accessible, yet comprehensive, guide to the world's largest and perhaps least understood financial market."

- Peter Garnham, The Financial Times

"Ashraf Laidi is well known to City journalists as the rising star of the currency markets. His book offers a majestic sweep of the global financial system, showing how credit, oil, gold, and equity markets all interact to shift currencies one way or another. It is primer on 30 years of exchange rate drama. If you want to know when to play the carry trade, and when to steer well clear, this well-crafted opus is probably the best guide you are going to find. "

- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor, The Telegraph

"Ashraf Ladi's book is sure to become an instant classic from Wall Street to Main Street. For the first time, a real expert has masterfully connected the rhymes and reasons behind currency, and gold, oil, and other commodity price and interest rate movements, in a way that is both clear and indispensable for the practitioner. In these turbulent times, the investor who wants to stay ahead of the curve and reap above average returns, the business finance student who wants to get the feel of the marketplace and enrich his or her educational experience, the international business finance professor who wants to make the class relevant and the policymaker who wants to engineer stable and sustained growth must read this book, and a number of times, from cover to cover."

- Hossein Askari, Iran Professor of International Business and International Affairs
The George Washington University

"Ashraf Laidi's insights on the dollar have enlightened the millions who have seen him on TV and read his analysis. His book explains in simple language the complex inter-relationships between the dollar, oil, gold, and interest rates. Valuable information for all investors-even the pros."

- Susie Gharib, Anchor, PBS-TVs Nightly Business Report

"A comprehensive guide to the factors that drive the FX market, with a particular emphasis on the major currency pairs. "

- Brad Setser, Fellow, Geoeconomics, Council on Foreign Relations

"Barron's readers often ask if there is a book to explain to them how markets really work. After plowing through textbooks and graduate studies, it took three-plus decades of covering markets to learn the academics live in a different world than the day-to-day markets. Ashraf Laidi has produced a work that is accessible to layperson but at the same time provides a sophisticated view of all markets--commodities, precious metals, credit and equitiesand how they interact with the biggest market of all, currencies. If only I had this book when I started out!"

- Randall W. Forsyth, Barron's Online, Editor

"Ashraf Ladi shows his deep and broad knowledge of the currency markets in this book. As one of the most prolific analysts on the Forex markets, Ladi outlines the historical linkage of monetary policy, world finance and currency markets into a readable primer for any student of the global markets."

- Ginger Szala, Publisher/Editorial Director, Futures Magazine Group

"A very detailed book with an important flow of information and specific details related to some well known periods of the USD changes. It should clearly please beginners seeking a better understanding of FX movements over the last decades. For sophisticated investors, they will appreciate discovering the new angles introduced in dissecting the major developments in currencies.

- Hamid Bousba, Director, Senior Portfolio Counsellor, Citi Private Bank, Citibank (Switzerland)

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