Posted Feb 26, 12:56

نراكم مساء اليوم في الرياض

نراكم مساء اليوم في الرياض  Chart
4 hours ago: 

يسعدني العودة الى الرياض و أتطلع الى لقائكم مع شركة إينجوت بروكرز لجلسة حوارية مساء اليوم في فندق جي دبل يو ماريوت. إحجز مكانك للندوة والعشاء

Live Trading Battle Tuesday Feb 26, 2024 8:27: 

Join me for a live trading battle hosted by Eight Cap, where I will be going against Andrew Lockwood this Tuesday at 11am GMT. More Details. All proceeds will go to charity.  


Trouble with Concentrationمشكلة مع التركيز Feb 16, 2024 18:29: 

You've all read about the surging concentration of fewer stocks (Magnificent 5) controlling the latest record breaking rallies in indices. This reminds me of exactly 4 years ago today, when the FAANGs were making up over 40% of the rally, especially during that late upward thrust from October 2019 to the peak of February 2020.  The current rally also reminds me when I started shorting SPX in Nov 2019 and held on thru the selloff of late Jan 2020. The profits were short-lived as the market rebounded to hit a new high into 19th of Feb 2020, forcing me out of the position before ... markets collapsed on Covid-19.