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See you in Dubai نراكم في دبي

See you in Dubai نراكم في دبي Chart
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انضموا إلينا في دبي فوركس إكسبو يومي 29 و30 سبتمبر لفرصة التعرُّف على وجهة الأسواق العالمية القادمة مع خبير الأسواق العالمية أشرف العايدي واحصلوا على فرصة حصريّة ومميّزة لحضور عشاء خاص مع أشرف العايدي ومناقشة فرص الأسواق
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PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Sep 22, 18:40
FOMC Consistent with Jackson Hole Sep 23, 2021 13:52: 

The FOMC upped its hawkish message on Wednesday, but the market reaction was mixed in with developments on Evergrande. There is an explanation in the final paragraph on why FX held and indices held up despite seemingly hawkish twist.  GBP is up after the BoE showed more optimism in its statement/minutes. The Canadian dollar is the top performer while the yen lagged on the day. Canadian retail sales fell by less than expected and US jobless claims edged up rose to 351K, a little more than expected. A new Premium FX trade was issued ahead of yesterday's FOMC statement. Below is some of our analysis on the Fed's new dot plot, Powell's presser and market reaction.   

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FOMC Consistent with Jackson Hole - Fomc Dots Mar Vs Sep 2021 Post (Chart 1)


Video on the Dot Plot فيديو قبل الفدرالي Sep 22, 2021 17:57: 

What to look for in the Dot Plot? ما هواهم جزء من اعلان الفدرالي


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