Posted Mar 24, 16:38

3 Faces of $2000 Gold

3 Faces of $2000 Gold Chart
Mar 24: 

As gold regains $2000/oz for the third time over the past three years, it's important to distinguish the fundamental and intermarket dynamics for each of these three occasions ($2000/oz) before assessing the road ahead. There are endless combinations of metrics to be used in comparing August 2020, March 2022 and today. I will use the DXY, gold/silver ratio, Fed Funds rate and the Fed's Balance Sheet.

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Guiding Through Confusion إرشاد خلال الصاعقة Mar 20, 2023 16:51: 

It is Sunday 5:20 pm Eastern (9:20 pm GMT) and you're doing what you usually do on a Sunday evening, then hear rumblings (in your phone alerts/messaging) that major central banks are engaging in coordinated USD-liquidity operations. You go to Twitter and find sarcastic/mocking comments how it's the return to QE, or a new GFC is upon us. Even financial reporters pieces do not shed any valuable light. You have positions in FX, gold and indices. You're confused -- what to understand, whom to believe, what to do with your positions when the market opens in 30 mins. The charts/snapshots, illustrate what/how our WhatsApp Broadcast Group was guided through the unexpected Sunday announcement and found clarity/calm through the chaos.


Finally Gold ETFs Flows Do this Mar 17, 2023 17:00: 

It's probably no coincidence that gold is staging its biggest weekly gain since Nov, and bitcoin posting its fastest jump since February 2021 on the same week that the 2nd largest bank failure in the US found no buyers – and was left to rot in the courts of bankruptcy. Regardless of whether the FDIC will make all depositors whole, all US banks will continue to lose depositors as investors/savers start to discover the higher yields on Money Market funds. Even the biggest/most profitable US banks will struggle, forcing a faster than expected credit contraction—probably not exactly what Jay Powell had in mind when he wished for that soft landing. So what do you have to learn from the chart below?