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Yields Pause, Metals Jump, Dax Breaks out

Yields Pause, Metals Jump, Dax Breaks out Chart
17 hours ago: 

President Biden said there will be no tax hikes on high earners or US corporations in a blow to his agenda but a boost to US equities. The dollar fell across the board, with both CNHUSD and XAGUSD posting their 3rd biggest weekly gain of the year.  The week ended with stronger Canada retail sales, mixed PMIs in Europe, with US services surprising on the upside but not the case for manufacturing. Gold jumped more than $30 to 1812, reaching the target of the inverted head-&-shoulders first signalled on Oct 8th to the WhatsApp Broadcast Group below. More specifically, the GoldBugs ratio fell below its 100 DMA and 21 WMA as alerted in last week's Youtubevideo. The subsequent posts show the progress of the trade as well as in XAGUSD. A new Premium trade was posted earlier today. Heads up for Powell's speech at 11:00 am Eastern (15:00 GMT).

PREMIUM INSIGHTS Update: Oct 22, 14:00
US Stimulus Faces Dems Barriers Oct 21, 2021 14:30: 

Democratic leaders are hoping to have an agreement on a framework for a reconciliation package this week but the margin for error is razor thin. JPY and CHF are the only currencies gaining vs USD as risk appetite pulls back. US Philly dropped to a lower than expected 23.8 from 30.7, while jobless claims dropped to 290K from a revised 296K. Below is Ashraf's estimate for ETH/XAU. Ashraf has released the latest rebalancing of his crypto holdings to the WhatsApp Broadcast Group. 


أهم الحقائق المتعلقة بتقليص مشتريات السندات Oct 20, 2021 11:57: 

أهم الحقائق المتعلقة بتقليص مشتريات السندات -- ندوة الكترونيّة مجانيّة سيقدمها لنا أشرف العايدي 
يوم 26 أكتوبر، الساعة 9 مساءً بتوقيت مكة المكرمة. سجلوا حضوركم الآن ولا تفوّتوا فرصة التعلّم من الخبراء
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أهم الحقائق المتعلقة بتقليص مشتريات السندات - Orbex Webinar Video Oct 20 2021 (Chart 1)


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