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Timing GBP & Gold توقيت تداول الاسترليني و الذهب

May 9, 2021 15:08 | by Ashraf Laidi

Full video on calling the fractal in GBPUSD & Gold's breakout with chapter breakdown تفاصيل فنيات الذهب و الاسترليني مع فصول الفيديو


Gold Glows Ahead of US & Canada Jobs

May 6, 2021 22:17 | by Adam Button

US and Canada jobs data are due, with gold and GBP clearly edging higher vs USD. GBP awaits the results of the Scottish Elections, which will likely be finalised on Saturday. Gold and silver broke into key levels as the Bank of England was the latest central bank to fear tapering more than its shadow. The BoE performance on Thursday was a mess as officials tapered and at the same time desperately tried to avoid saying they tapered. US non-farm payrolls and Canadian jobs are due up next (more below) The following are selections from the WhatsApp Broadcast Group, with yesterday's insights to go long XAUUSD at 1781 targetting 1791 and the follow-up to target 1811 upon the break of 1801. Clients were also forewarned ahead of the BoE decision for a preliminary drop towards before the subsequent rebound.

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Gold Glows Ahead of US & Canada Jobs - Whatsapp May 6 2021 (Chart 1)

Cable traded in an 80 pip range in minutes after the BoE announcement as traders and algos were left confused by a statement that was more or less unchanged followed a minute later by the monetary policy report, which said the pace of QE purchases could be slowed somewhat. Cable initially dropped to 1.3858 then spiked to 1.3940 – both session extremes.

It was a communication mess, largely because Bailey was frightened (no other way to put it) to admit to anything like tightening or signal that it's on the horizon. There appears to be a strong school of thought outside of the Bank of Canada that markets and the economy can't handle any taper talk. Given the enormous improvements in the global economy, it's all getting a bit ridiculous.

Outgoing chief economist Andy Haldane dissented in favor of a real taper. His comments with it emphasize a different possible approach, noting that there's evidence of a rapidly recovery economy and good reason to believe it will be maintained.

The risk is that by being overly cautious, central bankers will fall behind the curve. A brighter outlook along with associated inflation risks are a big part of the gold recovery. It rose to the best levels since February on Thursday, rising $30 to $1815.

Further evidence of economic strength could come in jobs reports from the US and Canada up next. Non-farm payrolls are expected at exactly 1 million but digging through the estimates, there's a clear skew higher. There's every reason to believe there was massive hiring in April, notwithstanding the disappointing ADP print (it also underestimated March jobs by nearly half). Economists tend to get gun shy when predicting extremes so there's room for an upside reading, with some bolder economists calling for 2m jobs. The unemployment rate is expected to ease to 5.8% from the prior 6.0%, while average hourly earnings edging up to zero from -0.1%.

In Canada, it's a different picture as many parts of the country went in a tight lockdown in April that has continued. The consensus is between -150K & -160K. The loonie is trading at 4-year highs though, and is looking beyond this tough stretch, so this datapoint is likely to be ignored.

موعدنا الآن في غرفة شركة إكس أم لجلسة الأسواق

May 6, 2021 13:50 | by Ashraf Laidi

ننتظركم الآن الساعة الخامسة مساءا بتوقيت مكة في غرفة إكس إم مع أشرف العايدي .أنقر على الرابط للمشاركة
موعدنا الآن في غرفة شركة إكس أم لجلسة الأسواق - Xm Banner Room 2Pm Uk 4 Pm Saudi (Chart 1)

مجموعة الواتساب الخاصة

May 5, 2021 15:57 | by Ashraf Laidi

تفضل الى الفيديو الإرشادي لتكوين إسم مستخدم لأكتمال عملية الإشتراك

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مجموعة الواتساب الخاصة - Whatsapp Arabic Explainer (Chart 1)

فيديو عن الإسترليني و أحداث يوم الخميس

May 5, 2021 15:46 | by Ashraf Laidi

كيف يمكن تداول الإسترليني مع قرار البنك المركزي الانجليزي والانتخابات الاسكتلندية؟ وماذا تعني أغلبية حزب اسكتلندا القومي و قرار مشتريات الأصول للجنيه الإسترليني؟ التفاصيل في هذا الملخص مع فيديو أشرف العايدي