JPY Trade Index 29-Year Chart

JPY Trade Index 29-Year Chart - JPY Index Monthly (Chart 1)

The yen's trade-weighted index is calculated using the weighted geometric average of the yen's exchange rates against 15 major currencies. The weights are based on the average of Japans relative exports to trading partner. The yen's exchange rates are deflated by the price indices of Japan and the corresponding countries and regions to calculate the real exchange rate. The weights are based on 2005 trade data, with a base 100 value set from March 1973.

The basket comprises 15 countries, with the main components as follows: U.S. 25.8%; China 15.4%; Eurozone 12.4%; Korean Republic 8.9%; Taiwan 8.4%; Hong Kong 6.9%; Thailand 4.3%; Singapore 3.6%, U.K. 2.9%.

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toronto, Canada
Posts: 6
13 years ago
Jun 9, 2011 13:57
The Bank of Japan are nothing more than currency manipulators. They consistently try and bluff the strengthening on the JPY and force speculators in the opposite side trade. Claiming that they will intervene to protect themselves. The BOJ has no interest in weakening the jpy until it is profitable to do so. They are cowards and have done nothing but lie to the public about the value of their currency like all other central bankers that exist.

Weaken the jpy for the long term? Id like to see them try. There economy is screwed they have no choice but to strengthen it to buy things and spend more debt.

I wont believe it until I actually see it.

- What kind of world do we live in whenj the jpy is actually stronger than the AUD, CAD, and NZD? This is fraud and I hope that the so called free markets values these currencies at their true value at some point.
Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
Jun 30, 2010 10:47
What is the ticker to get the current price for the Yen trade weighted index?

Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
May 18, 2010 18:25
To: Mr. Ahamd From Fortunate Management company,

Sir, Maybe your firm is worthy, but I think it is not Ethical to choose the blog of Mr. Laidi for advertising purposes. The man invest from his own time to share with us his valuable analysis and commentaries, so I will appreciate if we as a group in this "Mobarak" site keep things professionally.

May God bless your Business

mashhad, Iran
Posts: 29
14 years ago
May 12, 2010 8:54
Hi ashraf laidi ,
I think usdjpy travel into 100.80 first and then 110.66
what do you think?
mulhouse, France
Posts: 2822
14 years ago
Apr 13, 2010 20:50
he might talk about a paneuropean deal
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
Posts: 0
14 years ago
Apr 13, 2010 18:44
edi, you're assuming there's a lot of japanese money already out abroad which i dont really see. last wave of yen strength was mainly on speculative buys into yen rather than unwinding. Basically im saying lots of the money is already unwound. i still see sub 86 USDJPY after August.

tokyo, Japan
Posts: 3
14 years ago
Apr 13, 2010 4:07
Salut Ashraf.

My question is this: given the 'supposed' size of Japanese Mrs. Watanabes still active in forex, and given the hightened risk in here-to-fore safe assets like Euro bonds and U.S. bonds, is it 'unreasonable' to assume the JPY could trade down to 75 or 65 ? I have to think it would take massive fear on the part of the Japanese to repatriate their JPY thus bidding up their currency.

I only bring this up due to the long term trend (1997+), if we draw some channel lines, and 87 and 82 levels are violated, I could see those lows being possible.

Thanks for your terrific info and work.

Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
Feb 19, 2010 16:21
BTW, for those of you who really dont think trades are made and billions of dollars are made on knowledge of non-public information:

The upward spike in USD/JPY came just a few hours before the FED's "surprise" announcemet yesterday. Gee, who knew? GOLDman?
Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
Feb 4, 2010 15:07
I'm waiting for Goldman to tell me what else they want me to take off their hands....
surrey, Canada
Posts: 69
14 years ago
Feb 4, 2010 5:38
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