Speculators' Futures FX Positions

The weekly figures on traders' futures commitments obtained from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's International Monetary Market shed valuable light on the developing flows pursuing one currency versus another. The data are broken down into commitments by commercial players (usually made up of businesses aiming to hedge currency risk) and speculators (traders buying and selling contracts purely for reaping the gains from price changes). The figures, expressed in number of contracts, show the buyers and sellers of futures' currency contracts and total open interest.

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salisbury, UK
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14 years ago
Aug 25, 2010 17:09
heresh says it all

Good Luck Out There
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14 years ago
Aug 25, 2010 14:57

bristol, UK
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14 years ago
Aug 5, 2010 21:02
more vvx calls, well looks liketraders in s&p500 think it's likely to be heading lower
bristol, UK
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14 years ago
Aug 5, 2010 9:51
just read this article via stocktwits emailer, S&P500 is getting a lot of put action ready for september. seems that vix puts are expensive.
Alabama, United States
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14 years ago
Aug 4, 2010 8:58
Hi everyone!
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New York, United States
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14 years ago
Aug 2, 2010 17:51
If possible, it would be nice if you can also include: CHF Speculative Flows vs USD.
bristol, UK
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14 years ago
Aug 2, 2010 15:02
i apologise for putting this link here but didnt know where else to stick it.
Florida, United States
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14 years ago
Jul 19, 2010 7:51
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London, UK
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14 years ago
Jul 16, 2010 21:49
The US dollar has weakened against most major currencies, with Crude Oil higher and gold staying steady. Yields on US treasuries continue to lower head lower. The US markets recovered late in trading with Goldman Sachs saying it would pay $550 million to settle SEC charges and news on BP making substantial progress with the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill

EUR/USD: Early Foray Into 1.2890s Proves Short-Lived

The early European EUR/USD foray into the 1.2890s has proved short-lived, with trading only managing to hit a 1.2890 low before the dip attracted better buyers. As a result it has returned to the comfort of the low-1.29s, with supply still tipped to trail from the 1.2920s to the 1.2955 overnight top. Short-term profit-taking cannot be ruled out heading into the weekend but topside targets around 1.30 continue to be mentioned.

GBP/USD: Toying With Key Weekly Resistance.

A wall of offers reportedly that sits just ahead of the 1.5500 level looks to have spooked the market away from Thursdays late 1.5479 highs and set up a softer start to the Friday session. Suggestions that the combination of heavy currency option protection and sizeable UK corporate supply could are keeping the cross below the 1.5500 level into the weekend. Good sized bids are rumored to sit tight under 1.5400. With EUR/GBP just about clinging to an underlying bull trend it is anticipated that GBPUSD will mirror EUR/USD today. For today a range of 1.5390-1.5490 is seen with risk to 1.5525.

USD/JPY: Pip Shy Of 9-Month Lows, Stops Above Offers Into 87.50 USD/JPY traded to a 86.27 low, a break of the 86.49 the 9-Month lows. However, the pair has again failed to cement the push below 86.00, with trading recovering back above 87s. Smaller intraday positions will be cleansed if the Dollar rebound continues, with orders noted above the offers into the 87.50-area. EUR/JPY offers in the 113s are back in focus following the latest Euro gains, with 113.40/50 key to the topside into the weekend.

AUD/USD: Lifts Intraday But Uptrend Running Out Of Steam

The Aussie was back under pressure overnight. AUD/JPY selling in Tokyo, reportedly related to the new Japanese margin rules, was a main driver of the AUD/USDs fall. AUD/JPY we sold off from around 78.25 to 75.10 before demand into the figure helped like wise. 0.8745 bids propped and the pair is currently lifting close to the 0.8700 mark again. Worse than expected Chinese data has weighed on the Aussie the last few days and the technical picture also suggests that the uptrend in AUD/USD could be running out of steam. The bearish price action overnight from the open has traded close to the 10-day Moving Average (0.8718) and reaction to here is now key.

Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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14 years ago
Jul 15, 2010 18:10
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