by Ashraf Laidi
Feb 5, 2009 12:15 | 3 Comments

GBPUSD & AUDCHF Looking Up - AUDCHF And Cable Feb 5 (Chart 1)

Both GBP and AUD are favored at tthe expense of ... the USD and CHF respectively as renewed attempts at risk-seeking plays are expected. GBPUSD gains seen reaching $1.4720-30s, a break of which stands ripe to call up $1.4950. AUDCHF is equipped with more favorable momentum thereby, likely to garner gains towards the 0.7620s, followed by 0.7720.


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Connecticut, United States
Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
Feb 5, 2009 21:08
Hey ashraf, good call

Wonder what the USD/JPY jumps today were?
News related, or over sentiment on yen bullish calls?
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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14 years ago
Feb 5, 2009 15:54
Houram, if we close above $1,47 then we're set towards 1.49 and gains may last until mid Feb.

Posted Anonymously
14 years ago
Feb 5, 2009 15:01
hi ashraf,
how long do you think GBP/USD can hold above the range 1.46 - 1.50 and then continue its decline towards 1.40