Ashraf Laidi on CNBCArabia on Apple & US Banks & Indices- Mar 20, 2012

Mar 20, 2012 10:13
Ashraf tells CNBC Arabia that 1 week after the biggest US banks announced a hike in dividend payouts and share purchases, technology blue chip Apple announces a $10 bn stock buyback and the first dividend in 17 years. The news has given a fresh lift to equities, lifting the NASDAQ by 18% YTD, more than double the DJIA's 8.5%. S&P500 is up 12% YTD. Ashraf adds that the stock-specific news from Apple and JP Morgan are providing a positive response to concerns from the bearish camp pointing to the lack of outright QE3 from the Fed as reason for worry. For tradable ideas on these dynamics, visit the Premium Intermarket Insights here:

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