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Archived IMT (2011.01.11)

by Ashraf Laidi
Jan 11, 2011 19:26

Wednesday's Reuters video on AUDCAD 200 pips in 6 days, now reaching the 0.9720 horiz support after breaching well below the June trendline

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IN RESPONSE TO to most frequently asked questions, Ashraf will emphasise on:

* Trading on yield differentials. When do rate differentials matter in FX?

* USD-Stocks-Bonds relationship has changed. What it means for USD pairs and major crosses in 2011?

* Getting the signals from inter-commodity dynamics to anticipate moves in equities and currencies. Monthly & Daily set-ups.

* Top-Down approach to technical analysis into FX.`

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"superlative and cogent presentation"

B. Johnson Esq

Dana Point, CA

"I really enjoyed your combined seminar...glad to have you around as someone I can lean on for my training as a trader"

C.Lahrs-Albany NY

"... simply fantastic FIRST RATE"


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