Intraday Market Thoughts

Rebounding Volatility & Sov Yields, Latest Premium Insights

by Ashraf Laidi
Apr 10, 2012 16:15

As market emphasis shifts to US earnings, here are a few stats on the latest deterioration in the old continent; Spanish 10-yr yields +20% since LTRO-2 was announced on February 29; Italian 10-yr yields +8% since LTRO-2, and 19% since PSI deal on March 9. Spanish government bonds are now the latest victim of bond traders typical one-country assault amid speculation that Spain will be the 4th recipient of a Eurozone bailout. At a time of deepening recession, Spanish authorities have selected education and health sectors for 10 billion in budget cuts. In our LATEST PREMIUM INTERMARKET INSIGHTS, we chart EQUITY & FX VOLATILITIES vs SOVEREIGN YIELDS as well as the latest trades. Direct Access to todays Premium Insights is found here: Non-subscribers, can go here:


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