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Enough for JPY? كفاية للين أم لا؟

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 1, 2021 17:57

The prolonged rally in USDJPY remains boosted by the technical breakdown in net JPY futures longs (inversely related with USDJPY pair) shown in this striking analog from Q4 2016. See how we consistently informed our WhatsApp Broadcast Group we went long on Jan 11th (upper right figure) at 104.20s, followed by February 5th, February 11th, until yesterday (Feb 27th). 107.30 is the next logical destination. للتفسير بالعربي الرجاء استماع الرسالة الصوتية في قناتي تلغرام

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Enough for JPY? كفاية للين أم لا؟ - Usdjpy Net Longs Feb 27 2021 (Chart 1)



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