Intraday Market Thoughts

Final Note of 2017

by Ashraf Laidi
Dec 28, 2017 19:52

The year began with over 90% of currency strategists calling for a monstrous USD rally on the erroneous basis of border adjustment tax and diverging monetary policies. This turned out to be monumentally wrong. After selling the US dollar prematurely in November 2016 with losses for my personal account and Premium subscribers, I stuck to my thesis in January 2017, fully and consistently explaining the fundamental, technical and cyclical forces in the weekly Premium videos, which were updated throughout the year. Among the earliest pieces of evidence and arguments for my USD bearish call was put forward here on January 27, 2017 Today, all currencies are up against the dollar, led by none other than the euro. Today, we closed 3 Premium at trades at a profit—Closed EURUSD long for 155-pip gain, closed GBPCAD short for 155-pip gain and closed USDCAD short for 160 pip gain. 5 Premium trades remain in progress. The final Premium video of the year has been opened to all here. Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and peaceful New Year -& many thanks for all your support.

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Final Note of 2017 - Performance 28 Dec 2017 (Chart 1)



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