Intraday Market Thoughts

New Trade Pre G20, Doha

by Ashraf Laidi
Apr 15, 2016 21:35

We're issuing a new trade ahead of this weekend's oil summit in Doha and the final communique on FX from the G20. Possible statements from the latter may include the usual laissez-faire remark on FX (discouraging intervention), renewed reminder from IMF for Fed to leave rates alone, broadening realisation by FX mainstream universe that Japanese foreign-bound flows are increasingly hedged to reap the benefits of yield AND FX and on the other hand of the yen ledger will be Tokyo likely indicating that its policies to combat deflation have not been exhausted. As risky as the decision to trade before a weekend appear, the idea is to enter an already technically established set-up with the help of a fundamental trigger. Access to the Premium trade.


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