Intraday Market Thoughts

RBA Preview & AUDJPY

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 4, 2013 22:03

Tonight's RBA rate decision is widely expected to leave rates unchanged at 3.00% for the 3rd consecutive month following 75-bps in rate cuts over the last 9 months.  The RBA's attempt to talk down the Aussie without taking rate action worked mainly against the USD dollar due to the greenback's broadening rally. But what's for the Aussie & the JPY?  Premium Insights will appear later this evening in a separate post ahead of the RBA decision.  For FULL CHARTS & ANALYSIS click here.

RBA Preview & AUDJPY - Audjpy Mar 4 2013 (Chart 1)

Act Exp Prev GMT
RBA Rate Statement
Mar 05 3:30
RBA Interest Rate Decision (MAR 5)
3% 3% Mar 05 3:30

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