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  • Intraday Market Thought: Signs of Life in the US Dollar

    by Adam Button | Jul 3, 2014 0:27
    made a brief appearance on signs of payroll growth Wednesday...might have been shy to react with non-farm payrolls less than 24 hours away but it'....'s not a surprise given the gravity of non-farm payrolls.
  • Intraday Market Thought: US jobs strong, earnings soft, USD soars

    by Ashraf Laidi | Mar 6, 2015 18:25
    a Fed June or September rate hike as US non-farm payrolls powered ahead with a 295K..
  • Intraday Market Thought: Small Step for Draghi, Giant Leap for EUR

    by Ashraf Laidi | Mar 9, 2017 23:52
    National People's Congress in China and non-farm payrolls later...Up first is non-farm payrolls but note how EUR/USD performed....Non-farm payrolls could still be strong, wage..
  • Intraday Market Thought: CPI or PCE?

    by Adam Button | Mar 12, 2018 17:16
    CPI or PCE?  Chart Non-farm payrolls gave a lift to risk assets on....Non-farm payrolls rose 313K compared 205K..
  • Intraday Market Thought: A Closer Look at Friday's Non-Farm Payrolls

    by Ashraf Laidi | May 8, 2011 22:43
    crude, case for a miss ahead of the non-farm payrolls report on Friday, needless to..
  • Intraday Market Thought: USD Moves Up with NFP Estimates

    by Adam Button | Jan 8, 2014 22:43
    raised forecasts for Friday's non-farm payrolls report after upbeat ADP.... raised their forecasts for Friday's non-farm payrolls report... the gains ahead of the BOE, ECB and non-farm payrolls.
  • Intraday Market Thought: Dollar Solid Ahead of NFP

    by Adam Button | May 6, 2016 0:53
    Dollar Solid Ahead of NFP Chart EUR/USD sets the stage for Friday's non-farm payrolls report... most trading in the day ahead of non-farm payrolls...The bias ahead of non-farm payrolls is mixed.
  • Intraday Market Thought: Previewing Non-Farm Payrolls in Thin Trading

    by Patrik Urban | Apr 6, 2012 12:30
  • Intraday Market Thought: US Jobs & Draghi's Put

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jun 6, 2014 17:26
    US economy shows it has recovered all non-farm jobs lost after the 2008 recession,..
  • Intraday Market Thought: USD Beyond ECB & NFP

    by Ashraf Laidi | Nov 4, 2014 14:55
    USD Beyond ECB & NFP Chart week's release of the US October non-farm payrolls report may appear, the..