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11 years ago
Sep 28, 2010 18:56
Ashrafs anti american sentiment is very obvious in his coomments -
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11 years ago
Jul 28, 2010 0:32
In Thread: EUR
>EURO-BUNDS CORRELATIONS: Euro proving to be more responsive to rising bund yields than >USDX is to rising US bond yields. EURUSD correlation with German 10 year yields stood around ɬ.93 since May vs. -0.62 for the correlation between USD Index and US 10 yr yields.

HMMMM I may be wrong but in the past didn't thhis indicate a turn comming and BTW the COT shows the GBP EUR JPY AND USD ALL AT OR NEAR EXTREME LEVELS - increasing the probability of a turn meaning USD strength - especially agaiinst the jpy whio's kidding who on a fundamental basis JPY strength against anything is a joke - unless you don't consider interest rate, growth, and financial stability to be worthy of consideration!!!??? Safe haven jpy five me a break