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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Feb 22, 2010 5:00
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Discuss USD
N.Cornwall, UK
Posts: 5733
9 years ago
Aug 28, 2012 23:49
Kansas, United States
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9 years ago
Aug 17, 2012 17:36
Binary currency market is an exciting conglomerate of emotions, psychology and feelings. Binary trader should be disciplined and aware of his/her weaknesses and strengths in order to be profitable. Binary AUD/USD is one of the most traded currency pairs. It enables the market participants to achieve their goals using different market strategies with different expiry times. Currently, the underlying asset is experiencing a frenzy upside rush despite the fact that the binary gold is closed in tight range for the last 2 months. As it is well-known binary gold is the driving force for the Aussie.
The main question is if the binary options have enough strength to push further higher. The U.S. Dollar index is traded lower which influence the recent weakness of the greenback against its peers. However, it seems that a significant support has been touched currently at 10000. It is possible to find enough binary put option buyers to back the American currency against the Australian peer.
Moreover, current market level corresponds to 70.70% of retracement of the move from 1.0860 to 0.9580. It is not the strongest level. However, the binary traders are paying attention to the signals it gives them. 1.0545 is today`s high. The binary options start retreating trading at 1.0505 at the moment of writing this article.

Potential short-term targets are 1.0465, followed by 1.0405.

Upward targets 1.0600 or 78.6% of retracement.

Dave J
Posts: 197
10 years ago
Jul 13, 2012 3:15
..USD (marginally) selling off on release of Chinese data-

GDP 7.6% vs. exp. 7.7%.
GDP 1.8% vs 1.6% in Q2.

...seemingly as powerful as a duck fart in windstorm so far...(most likely desired effect..)
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 2579
10 years ago
Jul 12, 2012 1:53
Now that's news..:-)

"The U.S. dollar will maintain its strength in the medium
term, given lingering risks with regards to the European debt crisis,
while a slow US recovery is also likely to lend support to the dollar,
the official China Securities Journal said.."
Dave J
Posts: 197
10 years ago
Jul 10, 2012 3:44
USD trend remains 'up'...10,300 again? currently 10,175...
Posted Anonymously
10 years ago
Jul 4, 2012 18:23
at imo Non farm payrolls are not coming on line with estimates forecast so one can get exposed to usa weakness all over the boards after the announcement.
EURusd 1.2326 retest.
Gold buying interest ot jump: 1660
usd cad: objectif reached at 1.01120 38 ret fibo waiting for 76.8 ret fibo.
Frozen Orange juice 125
Soybean 1540
wti Aug12 86.80 testing 86.60 to go below at support level.

There will be always one beneficiary and it would be the cable
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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10 years ago
Jun 19, 2012 14:19
الدولار يفقد قواه قبل قرار الإحتياطي يوم غد

N.Cornwall, UK
Posts: 5733
10 years ago
Jun 18, 2012 0:29
Q, they joined the club then :-)
manchester, UK
Posts: 1763
10 years ago
Jun 17, 2012 21:27
the current hottest drama in china is "18 tln shortage in pension fund"
Dave J
Posts: 197
10 years ago
Jun 15, 2012 18:04
Thanks AL,

...the USD does look 'ripe' for a continuation to the downside with this weekend's event and CB's apparently 'at the ready'...10000 handle will be interesting...through there, watching 9924-9873 zone for support...9800 handle last resort...