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Archived IMT (2011.03.29)

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 30, 2011 0:50

Whats Next from

These past 2 weeks have been involved in making the transition away from CMC Markets onto delivering a premium service on Ashraf Starting next month, I will become an Independent Strategist, dedicating all my efforts to the upcoming services from These will be unveiled in mid April.

There will be a FREE section of the website contributed by other staff as I will focus on creating the Premium Service as well as covering trading calls/analysis on a private twitter feed, available only to paid members.

The Premium Service will consist of 3 choices; 1) My Daily Analysis. 2) My Daily Analysis combined with Market News International's FX Bullets; or 3) MNI's FX Bullets Alone.

MNIs FX Bullets service is a unique streaming service of insights focusing on Forex, market talk and instant post-data analysis. It does NOT regurgitate the news or specialize in beating the headlines, but rather, delivering the instant analysis and interpretation of most major data headlines as well as giving the heads-up on data releases, central bank meetings, technical levels from select research, option expiries, FX fixings and much more. is the first service to bring MNIs FX Bullets to the retail trader.

As for the CHARTS on the FORUM, I have not forgotten about this, but it will take slightly more than we thought.

I will also be doing VIDEO Reports (free of charge)

If you are in EUROPE, do come in to the London Traders Expo on April 8-9 (Free Registration) where I will have my the booth. I will moderate an FX panel and conduct an 1-hr seminar on April 9. The rest of the time will be spent doing On-Booth presentations. More Details Here:



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