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3850 11690 31220 and the rest

by Ashraf Laidi
May 13, 2022 20:03

Traders reap the value of intermarket technical/quantitative analysis in capturing junctures, where various asset classes have reached potential inflection points. Such levels can be support/resistance in terms of TA, or moves in material magnitude, such as 20% or 30% declines/gains, which trigger program driven trading. So during Thursday's market carnage (equity indices and cryptos), I sent the below charts (created on Thursday) to my WhatsApp Broadcast Group, highlighting the vital technical levels in five key markets. It's all about confluence across different asset classes. Here's how. 

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3850 11690 31220 and the rest - Intermarket Confluence Mat 12 2022 (Chart 1)

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3850 11690 31220 and the rest - Whatsapp Spx May 13 2022 (Chart 2)

In Thursday's case, as S&P500 fell to 3928, I highlighted 3840/50 as the point of 20% decline from its highs, qualifying as bearish market territory. I added the 11720/50 level for Nasdaq100 as the -30% threshold and 31400 in the DOW30 as 15% downside from its highs. Identifying the levels in these 3 charts served as a warning—even as those levels had not yet been hit by the time of chart publication (Thursday 16:15 London Time).

Considering the correlation between cyptos and risk-assets, I highlighted the 28500-29000 range as the must hold level for Bitcoin (March 2020 trendline support on a closing basis), combined with other quantechicals, shared exclusively with the WBG. 

Towards the end of Thursday's US session, markets sustained a fresh risk-off attack, forcing SPX, Nasdaq100 and Dow30 to new daily lows at 3858, 11690 and 31220 respectively. The levels were in line with the points highlighted in the charts as it was for Bitcoin. The sole exception was gold, which ended up breaking the $1830 trendline and is currently resting atop $1800. 

As time of writing (Friday 18:50 London time), indices are up more than 3% for growth and 1.5% for value and are about to deliver the first Up-Friday session since March 25. The next challenge is where do we mark the top in this bear market rally?  But this could all change if SPX manages this 100-WMA accomplishment stated here.

The term “intermarket analysis” is so widespread to the extent of often diluting the powerful benefits it brings to analysts and traders alike. 15 years ago this month, I began writing “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis” into the eventful summer of 2007 and completing it in (a more eventful) summer 2008. More on those 12 months in another post. The book had a currency angle, but could have been more effective if it showed how to combine intermarket dynamics with classical technical analysis. Over the last 10 years, I deepened my involvement in markets, studying and trading the cross-asset dynamics with key chart patterns. The above charts illustrate how it's put to use. 

So how do you trade all of this? 
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