Intraday Market Thoughts

Into FOMC & Brexit Vote

by Ashraf Laidi
Mar 15, 2019 18:54

GBP ends another week as the strongest currency (see chart below of USD against 6 top currencies) and the USD as the weakest performer-- except against gold and silver. Now that British Parliament has voted against a no-deal and in favour of extending Brexit to another 3 months, Brexiters face the possibility of staying in the EU for another year in the event that they reject next week's vote on PM May's withdrawal deal. Global indices are pushing higher across the board and a key factor in deciding to not open a new short in indices was the relentless rally in oil prices. Brexit vote is on Tuesday and FOMC announcement/press conference and dot plot forecasts. The Fed stmt and Powell's press conference should shed more light on when it's likely to stop the process of selling resereves in its $4 trillion balance sheet later this year. From a trading perspective, 7 out of our 8 Premium trades are currently in the money, with silver being the exception. The 8 trades arein: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, GOLD, SILVER, USOIL, BITCOIN and RIPPLE.

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Into FOMC & Brexit Vote - Performance 15 Mar 2019 (Chart 1)


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