Intraday Market Thoughts

New Gravestone Doji

by Ashraf Laidi
Jan 23, 2017 14:34

The chart below shows the start of what could be a massive bearish gravestone doji on the monthly timeframe. The month ends Tuesday of next week, which is one day before the FOMC decision. The last time there was a gravestone doji on this monthly chart, the index went on to lose more than 2.5% before stabilizing in December. Interestingly, the dynamics in the price action as well as the stochastics are increasingly similar to October. A short has already been posted and issued last week to Premium subscribers.  Separately, the 2nd leg of the EURUSD has been triggered after the long hit its final target for 155 pips.

New Gravestone Doji - Mysterychart Jan 23 2017 (Chart 1)


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