Intraday Market Thoughts

We never saw this in stocks

by Ashraf Laidi
Dec 13, 2014 18:18

Much was written about this week's equity selloff, being the biggest drop since Sep 2011 etc. But two additional pieces of analysis we uncovered is that this week's 3.6% decline in the S&P500 single-handedly erased all of the prior 3 weeks' BACK-to-BACK GAINS. The last time this had happened was the week after the October 2007 record. Guess what stocks did after that... A more dangerous finding is that this week's S&P5 500 decline took place after SEVEN weekly consecutive gains, which was NEVER seen before in the index. I will post in Monday's Premium Insights new trades to exploit these developments.

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We never saw this in stocks - Spx Dec 2014 Vs Oct 2007 (Chart 1)


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