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10 years ago
Jun 5, 2012 13:46
Bonjour Ashraf,

It is with great interest that I read this post today and find it very topical as I am wondering if we are about to live another "Deja-vu" moment with gold & silver (on a crunched timeline hopefully?) and have the same situation that happened from December to March unfold in front of us?

I am sadly noticing that litterally straight after you published this post back in March both silver and gold tanked from a high to a low similar to the one at the end of 2011.

The Gold to silver ratio went from a low 48 back in March to the high 57 at the moment (very similar to the high back in December 2011).

I would love to get your opinion on what has happened in the last few days, where we finally have seen the price of gold going up, breaking above both the 20 & 50eMA, but currently falling short of breaking through the down trendline from Sep 2011 (sorry cannot attach a picture/chart and no silver option in the above chart! for the other readers).

With the global competitive devaluation and potential QE3, it is what some have refered to as a "race to the bottom" that I also believe will ultimately benefit gold and silver, I cannot but notice how silver is currently lagging behind gold... Opportunity? Would love to hear your thoughts (in French or English!)