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Aug 21, 2012 3:48
The next <a href="">Authentic nfl jerseys</a>Spain a World Cup qualifier and then the team holiday after return to the club.
Torres in the Spain national team played very well, he also successfully suppress Raul in the top of the bench, it can be said that Spain's main striker Torres.
Mark Torres so play is very pleased, after all Torres as Mark's friend if he has a good play, then Mark is also will be a lot of benefits.
Torres in Spain squad prestige the greater as the club of Atletico Madrid will be more attention to him, and Atletico Madrid if the emphasis on the words of Torres also going to attach importance to the Mark.
"Fernando in Spain, you can be really very exciting" Torres returned home after a party with Mark, who, of course, the location is in the Torres home.
This time, the party is a lot of Atletico Madrid players arrived at the scene, they are to congratulate Torres achieved good results in the national team.
Torres villa, which to a lot of players and beautiful, these beauties are Mark does not know, which is the mark does not often participate in these gatherings.
These beauties are Torres or Torres friend invited over, in fact, is a normal thing football players in Spain and beauty.
Beauty inside is also indispensable in the life of the Spanish players, not only in Spain, should be a lot of countries are like this, because as long as these woman and players a one-night stand, then they can overnight fame, there are a lot of women are dreaming of star can become a to their famous stepping stone.
But Mark did not care about these women, Mark also think these women is not suitable for them, it is also how much nostalgia, but Mark and Torres chatting together in Mark seems he still felt very interesting.
"Well, that is, the formation of the above change has brought me a lot of opportunities," Torres did not credit all of football in his body: "Harvey played to the team on the level of offensive changes coach Aragones gradually through his wisdom to find a road for Spain
"Really" Mark nodded consent, because Spain's two qualifiers Mark looked Mark is also in the race and I find Aragones is unique, Spain should not have The lack of strong players, <a href="">wholesale nike elite jerseys</a>but the lack of these good talented players capable of kneading together the head coach, but Aragones, although not the best coach in Spain, but he should be the most suitable of the Spanish team.