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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Nov 27, 2009 16:51
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Gold & Yen's Perfect Desert Storm

Yen strength still eclipsing USD rebounds during risk aversion. while gold's ascent is better gauged against currencies other than the US dollar.
new york, United States
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4 months ago
Jul 21, 2017 16:19
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Dave P
washington, United States
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2 years ago
Jun 9, 2016 15:57
Well the china being the growing market, it is going to be tough for the us to maintain its top position keeping in mind various events like fed rate, stock market turmoil and oil prices in the global market, china being the highest in the gold reserves, the china stock market crash has bring china to a halt only for a little while in thje start of 2016, but the china is speeding up with applying negative interest rates. Well the US vs. china market is gonna be a big thing to see whereas germany with the refugee problem is gonna suffer with civil war on a large scale. Now is the condition to wait and watch as this big economies hit a turmoil.
qamishly, Syria
Posted Anonymously
8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 23:04
thank you ashraf for every thing
Abingdon, UK
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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 22:54
@Ashraf: Thanks for good advice on retracements, margin usage, etc. This is a tough lesson for the newer trader to learn (and I am still learning). As for not selling the lows and not buying the highs, that's even tougher for the newer trader. There is a great temptation to assume after a good rise or a good fall that it will just keep on going (and occasionally it does). But more often than not (as far as I can see) it doesn't, so getting a feel for that market rhythm is a big part of the battle.
"Let the market come to you" is a lesson I have taken a long time to learn, and I still get it wrong many times.
Ashraf Laidi
Posted Anonymously
8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 21:44
hmmalik, if you sold CADJPY at 87.86 then i hope you took profit at 87.40 (as i said on twitter). i also said on twitter 87.50s remain attarctive short point.

Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 21:41
pipped, surely not call of the century. but if not by end of this week then by end of next week i.e. before March 6th,

There are some people out there who sold eurusd at 1.3560 on the basis of my article calling for 1.32. if you are going to short a significant amount of euros at 1.3560 to the extent that you get stopped out or max out your margin when euro retraces to 1.3630, then you should forget about FX margined trading and start learning about risk management and conservative account management
. If you cannot survive a retracement of 100 or 150 pips against you then ..again...this market is not for you.

it is important that you have sufficient margin cushion to withstand these retracements. many traders started to panic last week when GBPUSD retraced to 1.5815. They shorted at 1.5580s. Some of them got stopped out at 1.58 before the market fell back to 1.5360 but they could not do anything because they had no money. I am NOT saying thet everyone must allow the market to go against them by 300 pips. I am saying that when i call for a move in the market I allow myself that much room. And if you choose to follow that, then go ahead. But do not go selling at the lows and buying at the highs with ridiculous margin usage. use less than 12% or 15% of your account and things should be easier.

i hope i made myself clear.

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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 21:07
Ashraf just reiterated his call for 1020 Gold on a tweet.

And by the END OF THE MONTH.

this is the CALL OF THE CENTURY.

WEATHERMEN ANALYSTS pounding the table for HIGHER Gold.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 17:04
Yuwono, BE CAREFUL IN BELEIVING THE HYPE !. gold does NOT always go up when stocks go down. And when i speak about falling stocks/ratio, it can still happen with both moving lower..but at varying extent.

Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 16:50
Last week eurusd, gbpusd made new low, and usdchf made new high, while audusd no, and gold ranging 1090-1127.
Does it mean audusd and gold will outperform?
Coz they wait RBA hike rate, while gold hold its support coz greece issue make gold shine as safe haven and coz The fed start to fight inflation?
seoul, Korea Sout
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8 years ago
Feb 22, 2010 12:31
I was expecting gold&silver&oil to go up today but they are under selling pressure. Pippedoff right on!
I don't find any fresh news though