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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: May 24, 2012 9:46
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Charting Momentum in Latest Forex Cycles

The recurring cycles are underway in the currency market, translating into potentially major developments in the Intermarket space
kuala lumpur, Malaysia
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9 days ago
Dec 4, 2018 3:26
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new york, United States
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1 year ago
Jul 21, 2017 16:14
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NY, United States
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1 year ago
Jul 18, 2017 14:45
Here is a website named forex cycle.
Texus, United States
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2 years ago
Mar 3, 2017 3:55
Get Forex Training Before You Start Trading

Trading forex may sound really complicated and scary to do but it's not. Just like anything else in live you just need to practice and understand how it works to get to know it well and make money from it. You did not know anything about your current job before you started right? You learned over time...

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Trillions of dollars of currency is traded everyday and it operates 24 hours a day and just about seven days a week, therefore making it the most liquid market in the world.

This very liquid market is very unique compared to other financial market like stocks or properties etc. Since the Forex market operates 24 hours a day worldwide, which starts at Sydney and ends in New York, trading is not centralized in one location. You can trade whenever you want regardless of the local time as somewhere on the planet at any given time a market is open and currencies are being speculated against each other.

In the past, trading was only offered to large financial institutions, like banks and, it was only offered to large companies, multi-national corporations and large currency dealers, however, in the late 90s, this market was was made available to individual traders and small businesses with the advent of the Internet. This is due to the advances in the communications technology. High speed internet made it possible for people to enter the market and trading has become one of the best ways to make money from home.

It is very important for you, as a beginner trader, to have the proper knowledge and education on how to trade in the Forex market as you can lose large sums of money if you make uneducated and rash decisions whilst trading. There are thousands of websites in the Internet that offers Forex education, the best ones will offer live training and coaching with some sort of mentorship program as you will have a lot of questions about trading before you can make decisions on your own.

To get started in trading, all you need is a computer with a high speed reliable Internet connection, a funded Forex account with a broker, an electronic trading or charting platform and a trading system. These four simple things are enough to get you started in Forex trading and are easily obtainable on the Internet.

In order for you to minimize the risk of losing money, you need to have some basic knowledge in charting before you start trading. Most trading platforms have charts incorporated to assist you with your trade decisions. Charts offer a visual representation of the exchange rates of currencies. This is where you will mostly base your decisions to buy and sell currencies on. You have to learn how to read the different Forex charts in order for you to successfully trade in the Forex market.

Once again you will find many resources on the Internet that will teach you the basics of interpreting charts. How you use that knowledge and apply it is what differentiates the successful traders from the failures.

Best Forex Website:

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US, United States
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3 years ago
Oct 17, 2015 9:58
What is forex trading?

The reason they are called Islamic Forex accounts or Shariah forex accounts is not because you must be a Muslim to open an Islamic Forex account. That might cause legal problems. The reason they are called Islamic Forex accounts is because they were created to meet the needs of the Islamic trading community.
According to Islamic law, or Shariah law, it is forbidden for Muslims to expect anything in return for their giving, and it is therefore forbidden to pay or accept any sort of interest in the financial markets.
This is very relevant when it comes to the Forex market and the concept of rollover fees. Rollover fees are interest fees that Forex traders pay when leaving a position open overnight. They are also referred to as SWAPs and are intended to cover the fees that the banks charge for leaving transactions open overnight. Islamic Forex accounts are therefore Swap free Forex.
the primary characteristics of islamic Forex trading accounts:

Swap Free Forex Account: In Forex trading, when traders leave positions open overnight, it is referred to as a rollover. This usually entails rollover fees, but when trading with a Forex Islamic account, these fees are waved. Get Best Forex brokers here
kyiv, Ukraine
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5 years ago
Aug 16, 2013 18:29
really good article!
thank you so much!
i want to ask you about one thing
what do you think about this app for beginners?
N.Cornwall, UK
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5 years ago
Jul 12, 2013 14:58
In reply to Qingyu's post
Forex is the wet dream of all wet dreams to IM'ers. I reckon 95% of cheapy EA vendors (as in MT4) don't know even the basics of trading. Beyond that its true to say that the vast trading educational and trading signal service industry is largely hosted by failed traders themselves.

Think about it, if you have developed and refined a profitable trading system over the many years it takes to do so--why would you want to get involved with jo public. Why would you want to become a service vendor. You can make as much money as you desire working quietly away on your lonesome without any aggravation or commitment to others.

There are a tiny handful of legitimate service providers where the owner has a genuine desire to educate and share with others. The remaining 99.9% are charlatans and skamsters with degrees in deception.

Here endeth the lesson.
manchester, UK
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5 years ago
Jul 11, 2013 16:20
QQ number: 2723454743

this is a chinese guy, dont trust any chinese IT guy web marketing! :D
N.Cornwall, UK
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5 years ago
Jul 11, 2013 12:06
My name is David and I will be brief.

This forum is not provided for EA junkies wishing to waste their lives away. Its not for Internet Marketers and Skamsters.
Vienna, Austria
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7 years ago
May 26, 2012 13:47
The proof not to use only the Manufacturing PMI as single leading indicator is: Feb 1st based on January data, UK Manufacturing PMI stood at 52.1, the German one at 51, both slightly expanding. As leading indicator for Q1 GDP this indicator was worthless !
UK Q1 GDP -0.3% QoQ and Germany +0.5% QoQ. For Germany the IFO "Business Expectations" (currently 100.9, slight expansion) or maybe the Markit Composite PMI (49.8, slight contraction) are both a lot better.