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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Oct 28, 2013 14:31
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City Index Ranks #1 in FX Forecasts

Ashraf Laidi's currency forecasts lift City Index to the top of the rank of FX Week's forecasting poll
Texus, United States
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56 days ago
Feb 28, 2017 6:51
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Option 1:- The self trader is someone who generally develops a personal money making trading method. This is done by doing a few forex trading courses, reading a few trading books, experimenting with a number of trading techniques, demo trading and live trading until a personal money making trading style is found. This is a long and challenging process and it can take years to get there. It is estimated that only 3 ' 5% of serious traders succeed in making money. This is worthwhile as once you have achieved this you have a money making skill for the rest of your life. Unfortunately this route can take considerable time and effort to make real money.

Option 2:- With the growth of part time traders (who mainly have day jobs) an alternative to the above forex trading money making approach has become very popular. Money can be made by buying a forex trading system that has been tested and proven. The system is either delivered as a live course, as a book or Ebook or even purpose built software. The idea is to then merely follow the rules of the system by the letter. Although not entirely for novice traders this approach has the benefit using such a system is that it may have been thoroughly tested and proven and could cut years off the option 1 alternative. Some of the programmed money making forex trading strategies (for example expert advisors) can even be linked to your dealing station automating the whole forex trading money making process completely.

Option 3:Make use of a good Forex alert or signal service and copy their recommendations. Make sure that these services have a good record of consistent money making. Transactions can be found by using electronic trading rooms which trade in a live environment. Alertnatively deals can be received using SMS signals, emails or by gaining access to a password protected members only website. You would then "blindly" copy all the signals or alerts into your broker dealing station and hopefully make lots of money from that.

Option 4:- Delegate the forex trading money making process completely by giving your money to a Forex trading money manager who will trade it for you.

All the money making options above carry considerable risk if not performed in a careful and in a thorough way. Many Forex traders are caught in Option 1. They do not consider other great money making opportunities available to them. If you fall in this catagory consider all the options open to you. The other alternatives could be less stressful and emore profitable.

If you are new to Forex Trading be aware and investigate all the Forex money making opportunities, because there are many if you are prepared to do your homework finding them.

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punto fijo, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
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2 years ago
Apr 30, 2015 17:07
Congratz from Vnzla!
Amman, Jordan
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3 years ago
Jan 15, 2014 21:20
Great man
Melbourne, Australia
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3 years ago
Oct 30, 2013 11:02
twickenham, Uzbekistan
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3 years ago
Oct 28, 2013 17:38
congratulations Ashraf