Intraday Market Thoughts

Our March & April Chart Warnings on Stocks & Volatility

by Ashraf Laidi
May 16, 2012 19:28

In our April 18 article we warned how April showers, could bring May Bearish Flowers (see here: Stocks are now down nearly 7%. In the SP500/VIX ratio chart (also in the article here: ), we warned the ratio could lose further as the bears drag down the index & volatility pushes up across the board. The ratio is now down 20% Cycles do NOT always recur, but when they do in these highly watched indicators, the downside could be severe. For our latest Premium Intermarket Insights; Tuesdays Intermarket Insights 6 charts are on EURUSD Option Volatility, EUR Volat vs EUR cash, S&P500, Dax Weekly, Gold Monthly vs. Weekly. Shorts in US crude are in progress. Subscribers can click here for direct access: Nonsubscrobers can click here:


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