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  • Intraday Market Thought: Cable at 200-dma, NFP Next

    by Adam Button | May 4, 2018 12:46
    Cable at 200-dma, NFP Next Chart but a broad bid in the US dollar on risk aversion sent it as low as 1...with odds of a hike at 9%, the headline risk is skewed towards a signal of a hike.... side of the equation is the bigger risk...6 prior and that's a downside risk... broad gains outside of USD/JPY where risk aversion would hit.
  • Article: More Risk Aversion til Pres. Inauguration

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jan 15, 2009 16:11
    More Risk Aversion til Pres. Inauguration Chart Prolonged risk aversion is expected to ensue until Tuesdays....the direction of prolonged reduction in risk appetite (equities negative, yen....I warned in the Jan 2nd piece Risk Appetite Pushes the Envelope that the...., both of which suggesting prolonged risk aversion (rising VIX, falling S&P) as the....also confirm further reduction in risk appetite, which could intensify until a....justifying the next temporary bottom in risk appetite...for the aforementioned pick up in risk aversion is likely to continue boosting the yen....much talk is being focused on USDs risk-driven gains, USDJPY remains in a..
  • Intraday Market Thought: Sunny Days in Australia?

    by Adam Button | Jan 17, 2017 0:05
    Sunny Days in Australia? Chart Another reason is the level of risk aversion in the market...AUD tends to do best when risk appetite is high but there is also a....If it were to rise any further the risk aversion would kick in and AUD would sell off..., the it's likely a sign of higher risk aversion or a renewed focus on fundamentals.
  • Intraday Market Thought: China Data, MidEast Hit Markets, Yen Fired up

    by Adam Button | Jan 4, 2016 6:25
    China Data, MidEast Hit Markets, Yen Fired up Chart sharply lower and the yen higher on risk aversion... worries with AUD/JPY down 160 pips on risk aversion...Risk managers are rarely in a rush to..
  • Intraday Market Thought: Signals Within the Wild Ride

    by Adam Button | Mar 28, 2018 14:00
    Signals Within the Wild Ride Chart dollar strength on Tuesday morphed into risk aversion...Note the consistent pattern risk aversion in late Jan, Feb and now March so far..
  • Article: Risk Aversion Drives JPY, GBP in Opposite Ways

    by Ashraf Laidi | Sep 10, 2008 2:55
    Risk Aversion Drives JPY, GBP in Opposite Ways  Chart FX implications remain led by rising risk aversion, highlighted by a rallying JPY and....the yen thrives on severe impairment of risk appetite, courtesy of US financials,..
  • Premium: Equities Indices Reset

    by Ashraf Laidi | Sep 28, 2015 23:02
    Equities Indices Reset Chart Equities & Risk Aversion Reset..
  • Hot-Chart: JPY net LONGS for 1st time since Oct 2012

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jan 8, 2016 23:44
    By the time global risk aversion and a US recession occurs in late Q2..
  • Intraday Market Thought: Japan on the Mend

    by Adam Button | May 24, 2016 0:48
    Japan on the Mend Chart yen is that the lack of BOJ action and risk aversion have been behind the gains, what if it&....likely explanations include a mix of risk aversion, USD weakness, yield spreads,..
  • Premium: Aussie, Fed & NFP

    by Ashraf Laidi | Jul 5, 2016 2:33
    Aussie, Fed & NFP Chart Descending on GBP via Risk Aversion....Shorting DAX30 amid broadening risk aversion & deteriorating European banks.