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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Feb 22, 2010 5:00
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Discuss CHF
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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10 years ago
May 18, 2011 17:14
From MNI FX Bullets

Barclays Techs on USDCHF

DOLLAR-SWISS: Barclays Capital technical analysts say after testing
trend resistance earlier in the week, dollar-Swiss has been edging lower
again. They say "as momentum rolls bearish from overbought levels, we
would view a close below Chf0.8780 (overnight low) as targeting a return
to Chf0.8550." Barring a rally back over Chf0.8975 (trendline), the
analysts prefer "to stay bearish (short below Chf0.8895). Dollar-Swiss
holds at Chf0.8802 currently (range Chf0.8781/Chf0.8848)

Posted Anonymously
10 years ago
May 6, 2011 5:48
ok everyone.. done 242 posts these last few weeks (more in pips:-) just to see how long it would take to catch up with thousands trading posts from Dave.. it seems too me too long.. and also too hard especially in euro.. so ill just sit back and relax for a while looking after swissie (and yen) short position(s) after break out(s) from long established downtrend(s).. possibly targeting 90 and beyond.... with recent lows as initial stops..

Vancouver, Canada
Posts: 53
10 years ago
Apr 12, 2011 14:49
USD/CHF looking attractive at .8970
london, UK
Posts: 31
10 years ago
Apr 1, 2011 14:46
USDCHF long a no brainer first target 9500.

Posts: 113
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 21:25
does anybody see what I'm watching in chf and partially aud? 100 pip ticks?
Douglas, Isle of Man
Posts: 82
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 20:11
good lk 2 u Pkumar97 if u r hedge then hedge for USDx?
Posts: 19
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 19:22
Gammahunter , sir as i told you in the morning i was looking for a small pull back , i hedged the position at that level :) just a fun .. i told you know i was taking small positions only i had .. Anyway as of now still my account is okie :) not that much risk . Thanks for asking .. Expecting a slight pull back say a small short covering .. may be another hedge for me .. lol
Douglas, Isle of Man
Posts: 82
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 19:15
slightly longer term if USD uptrend was start then need close above .923 against swissie
Douglas, Isle of Man
Posts: 82
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 19:08
subway90 yes i c similar res in swissie@ .913-4...i am waiting for some kind of base formation bcos at moment too much momentum for usdchf shorts. once geopolitic situation clear then will b time to hammer usd long
toro, Canada
Posts: 1040
10 years ago
Mar 16, 2011 17:37
subbie are u glowing yet?