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New Year's Message

by Adam Button
Dec 31, 2011 13:07

The Team at wishes you great health, lasting prosperity and peace of mind. 2011 delivered its share of economic and political surprises, but the creation of our Premium service, now entering its 7th month was no surprise to many of you. While we keep members abreast of the medium-term picture (1-2 months), we offer short-term signals, supported by technical and intermarket flows. It is a challenging task and our aim is to conquer it to the benefit of our diverse members--some are intraday traders, others hold positions for days into weeks and months. Fundamental dynamics are also respected, yet these do not always present themselves in the intraday-picture. Our commitment to readers of is such that we kept free access to our INTRADAY MARKET THOUGHTS, brought to you around the clock by , and . These IMTs keep our readers covered with previews and wrap-ups of the Asian, European and North American sessions. Not to mention the multilingual TV interviews posted on Twitter and in the IMTs. Speaking of TWITTER, our + 20K followers on @alaidi and @alaidiPremiumFX have seen their share of trades, insights, breaking news (sometimes beating the mainstream media outlets), geopolitical articles, TV interviews and the inevitable humorous posts. We also thank all FORUM members for your constant participation, which leads others to respond, criticize, confirm and support your postings, thereby creating an informative and valuable arena of ideas. will bring more improvements and additions to both the free and premium sections. Stick around to find out.

With the all surprises 2012 has to bring, we wish you many pleasant ones, in health, prosperity and happiness.


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