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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: Aug 22, 2009 3:37
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VIX, Oil, BRICS & Sterling's Sell-Appeal

BRICS equity indices fail at key fib retracements, VIX and oil near major trend lines and sterling's sell-appeal hasn't looked this good in a while.
Jonkoping, Sweden
Posts: 492
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 10:57
ok....guys......bye bye......hope all of you can make money from short oil and long USD........
Posted Anonymously
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 10:40

people are allowed to have their opinions. Besides, I have been right many times and if you followed my short/long posts immediately you would have made money.

I think the problem with you Qin is that you read too many articles and base your views on them rather than your own understanding.

if we are all traders we need to behave like adults as this is very serious business. I rather people didnt behave like football hooligans on this site.

Qin, if you think money printing will always bring about domestic inflation think again. Secondly, you base all your justifications on single variables such as 'money printing' therefore u don't have strong enough justifications for your longer term predictions.

Yes, we will need a shock or mini shock to the world to have a pullback in excess of 10% we will not pull back based on just valuations as markets can easily remain overpriced for long durations. A shock can be a high oil price (2007) high interest rates, war, banking issues, below estimate corporate profits etc. Just because you feel prices are high (emotion) will not mean they will go down. life is not fair and can remain unfair even forever!

The velocity of cash is very low due to hoarding at central banks. This excess (part) liquidity is more likely to be removed from circulation in the future when stimuli are removed. Also bear in mind the amount of wealth that has been destroyed from the system eg real estate, corporate losses, stocks etc which is relatively small the amount of stimulus.
Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 39
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 9:32
FXHANDLER, can I ask you to please keep te language acceptable to all, not using offensive F-words.

Vancouver, Canada
Posts: 55
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 8:08
Hey guys, please stop making comments like this. This is a very SERIOUS forum where we all may post our opinions on FX and not offending others and telling them how bad they are are doing. If someone is wrong then he will lose there is no need to pointing at him. So please keep it serious and just share your thoughts. And remember in this market we need both sides, the bears and the bulls. It wouldn't be a market if we had only one side, ha?
Posts: 195
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 6:35
Another thing!
OIL is going down, everyone should see that here!
Financial crisis is not over!
Dollar is not yet over!
There are more to come!
Most of you traders know this...

Don't fight against it, follow the trend, like our KING, Ashraf!

(fucking hell Ashraf! Your book, I waited for 2 weeks already for it to arrive. I tought we live in 2009 and not 1009. Should I just kill someone in the mail-office? :p lol

Happy holiday man!
Posts: 195
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 6:27
The market is on the "Edge" now.... Bullish or bearish. You got the feeling then you will now.

People are more uncertain about their position and they cover up, justify for their positions or market view. It is more clear for me than anything... people are nervous...
Is it gonna be the final BIG 2-wave down or an extreme bullish sentiment up?

I noticed this from other forums as well, people get more agressive.... and defend their positions, defend their views and "bite" more at people with opposite views.

This reaction is very very bad for a trader.... and work against us all. You guys know this!!!!

Settle for your positions. Uncertainty... kill you!!! I know

Give me some pivot points, leverage, S/L, trades and some fucking good ideas!

Ashraf? Am I wrong. Can we go on without all this bullshit?
Please come home from your vaction... give us some ideas about "excotic" currencies as the NOK against all the majors!

Miss you man
Posts: 195
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 6:12
Qin and Asad,
I understand you both. Even Spec, I understand you guys!
But I have a mainly respect to Ashraf and his trading, that is why I am here (and many others).

(I replied your email, good to know you man), and I understand you!!
But I told you earlier to "relax" abit, be more polite, don't give "spec" so much shit (even he is very wrong). You need to fucking relax my man!!!! Don't fuck this forum up. If you want to talk, talk to me. Many different people here with different culture.... ok? So, chat with me instead, we will do good trades (just shorted JPY/NOK at 0.0662 and out at 0.0645 giving 57.000 NOK, not to bad in 2 days).

No need for making people feel bad here. I really want Spec's predictions! It give me another perspective, it is GOOD that we don't have the same view of the market.

relax man. WOWOWOW! You really are on a run now! You should also learn to keep your mouth shut abit more! Don't misundestand me, I really LOVE your views! You are a good Man, giving trading ideas, pivot points and markers. You enlightened me allot!!! Good job and I am I agrre allot with you in your market ideas.

This forum is for us given by the "King Asharaf", his idea of how the market ( and most of all, trades) are going! Not about who is right or wrong!
I read carefully all what you guys say here!!!

Don't fuck the forum up! Then I will personally kick you guys ass (badly, physically)!!!! (With the support of Ashraf)

Godd Luck!
Jonkoping, Sweden
Posts: 492
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 1:25
asad.....once again......don't be so angry just because you made some loss.......

I don't think my comments are making anyone to lose money......I started posting my positions since last week.......but I never ask people to follow me to trade.....

I can tell you that most traders who create blogs are posting their positions and trades........Japanese , Americans.....they all post their positions and how they trade on the market..........

I don't really like to against people when they make mistake on their comments or trading.......but I will get angry when they are keeping making the same mistakes for months from their are not trading on FX.....but if you are trading on FX and follow spec's predictions everyday for 5 have already gone bankrupt......This is the main reason I am against him and post my positions......

London, UK
Posted Anonymously
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 0:57

Before you go on and lecture me, I'd like to apologize for my outbursts. I respect you very VERY much and am really embarrassed...but I just can't stand unfairness. Even if I don't agree w/ Spec's opinions, I respect EVERY member of the Forum. And you JUST CAN't ask anyone WHY they don't trade? Perhaps their circumstances don't allow. But this guy just goes on & on & on...

You know I'm either passionate (about oil) or just making jokes. Please don't judge me on this episode. It was what Spec terms a 'shock to pull back...'.

Again, my apologies to you and the Forum & I'll try not to do this again.

P.S. I feel much better now...
London, UK
Posted Anonymously
13 years ago
Sep 6, 2009 0:51
Spec has EVERY right to his opinion, ok!! But are you a tit-sucking kid that you would follow EVERY opinion of his?? You, I HOPE, are an adult and mature enough to make your own judgements.

You talk loads of rubbish! What of some follows YOU and gets into a loss? I am sure Spec wouldn't take your pants off.

Please end this. I am NOT wasting my time w/ you. I'd rather talk to my niece - three yr-old..