Intraday Market Thoughts

Euro Shatters 200 and 55 in 3 Days

by Ashraf Laidi
Nov 23, 2012 21:00

EURUSD shatters the 200 and 55 DMAs in a matter of 3 days, and appears to be returning towards our 1.35 target slightly earlier than anticipated (considering this weeks short-term Premium Insights). 6 trades from the Premium Insights hit all targets, 2 were stopped out, 4 remain in progress and 3 were unfilled. 1 EURUSD short stopped out, while the long was unfilled. USDJPY in progress. Both GBPUSD hit all targets (two weeks in a row both cable longs hit their targets). AUDUSD long was unfilled (missed by 20 pips). 1 EURJPY long hit all targets, the other was unfilled. CADJPY long remains in progress, while both EURGBP finally hit all targets, which were in progress since Nov 14. One gold short stopped out, the other a new contingency long was filled and in progress. The long silver trade since Nov 7 finally hit its highest target of 33.90. The lone long in oil is in progress. For DIRECT ACCESS to these trades and the relevant charts, click here: NonSubscribers Can click here to join:


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