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by Ashraf Laidi
Posted: May 6, 2009 14:11
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Battle of High Yielders

Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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10 years ago
May 9, 2009 18:58

The US banking sector is struggling inch by inch to raise capital. full nationalization will be hard to avoid and the $ value oper share will be exceedingly diluted by so many extra shares being issued. and I'm not even talking about employment, falling home prices etcc.

Speculator, thanks for your generous contribution.

The last time a bear market rally exceeded 40% was in the 1930s.

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10 years ago
May 9, 2009 17:55
we are due for a massive correction in equities and this rally is nothing but a crazy bear market rally and the market is certainly not cheap but attracting bored fund managers and speculators itching to make some quick gains.
Lisbon, Qatar
Posts: 58
10 years ago
May 8, 2009 22:53
Hi Ashraf, This is my first post on your site,really appreciate your effort. I think every trader should have it in their favoursites for sure. Can I just ask what makes you so bearish on equites? Maybe i've already missed posts on your reasons. Thank a lot
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 22:33
Tradenet will make it available soon on the site.

Michigan, United States
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 18:05
Hi Ashraf,
In your MoneyShow video of recent, you made mention of a workbook which you called "Strategies for equities, fixed income and commodities" Is this a separate thing because i checked your book and could not find anything like that in it. Any suggestion on how to get it? Thanks.
Ashraf Laidi
London, UK
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 16:21
Taha, Nikkei may test the 9,500 high which was hit on May 11, 2008. 200day MA at 9,600. I do think US markets will retest the highs with 70% chance to break them but not so sure about Asian markets. sorry I cannot place comments in Arabic as it is not fair for other users who do not speak Arabic. Looks like your English is good enough.

Rkg, $1.5320 seen as my high on cable but still bearish overall as its based on my predictions for renewed selling in equities.

TG, Supp at 133.10, Resist 133.80.

Ed, not sure if I can say they were bogus, but the rise surely did not jive with the PMI and the general climate. All data series undergo a brief a slowdown or even an interruption of the trend before extending the trend later on.

United States
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 15:03
Ashraf, do you agree with the comments below from John Hardy, implying that the Canadian job #'s are bogus? Thanks, Ed

The US employment numbers contrast sharply with the Canadian numbers for April, which showed unemployment. Some of the surge may be due to suspicious changes in the composition of the Canadian workforce (the increase was entirely due to an increase in the self-employed - not by companies expanding hiring), but the market didn't care about the internals of the number and USDCAD pushed all the way below 1.1600.
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 14:01
Hi Ashraf,

What is your intra day view on EuroYen? Tks.
lon, UK
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 12:45
Ashraf on what basis are you predicting your levels on cable.Is it long term vharts or correlation with indexes?

Cairo, Egypt
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10 years ago
May 8, 2009 7:28
Hi Ashraf ,
I would like to know your expectations for Nikkei 225 for the present and next month . Do you think in the next correction of equity markets we will see a new higher bottom OR we will test the previous lows ? .
Another wish please , can i post my comments in arabic to explain it well ? .
Thank you for your reply .